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Absorbs stats and abilities when attacking!

  • Learns the abilities of monsters
  • Favors daggers, rods, and staves
Genome Drain
Job Command
Stat Affinities
Arms Aptitude
Swords A Rods S Bows D
Axes B Staves S Katana E
Spears B Daggers S Knuckles E
Armor Aptitude
Shields A Helms E Armor E


Level Name Cost Type Description
1 Genome Ability Command Use a monster's ability.
2 Absorb P. Damage 1 Support Restore HP equal to 30% of the damage taken from physical attacks. However, damage resulting in K.O. will not be healed.
3 Blood Thirst Command Absorb from one target an amount of HP equal to the damage dealt by a conventional attack.
4 Bloodlust 1 Support Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense rise by 25% for 5 turns each time you defeat an enemy with your own attack.
*The upper limit for P.Atk, M.Atk, P.Def, and M.Def is 150%.
5 Charm Command Has a 75% chance to place one target in the charm state.
6 Magic Thirst Command Absorb from one target an amount of MP equal to 10% of the damage dealt by a conventional attack.
7 Monster Ability Up 1 Support Raise the damage dealt by genome abilities to 1.25 times normal.
8 Battle Thirst 16 MP Command Absorb 1 BP from one target.
9 Subvert 20 MP Command Has a 50% chance to place all enemies in the charm state.
10 Self-Restore 1 Support Fully restore your HP at the end of a battle.
11 Absorb Stats 20 MP Command Absorb the selected stat from one target.
12 Drain Attack Up 1 Support Raise the damage dealt by drain attacks to 1.5 times normal. (The BP drained by Battle Thirst will be doubled.)
13 Genome Drain 1 Support A character with this ability can learn certain enemy abilities when targeted by them.
14 Rise from Dead 1 Support You have a 50% chance to recover from K.O. at the end of the turn. Your HP will also recover an amount equal to 25% of your maximum HP.

Genome Abilities[edit]

No. Name Description
1 Curse
6 Tornado
13 Bone Crush
18 Rock Storm
19 Toxic Whirl
21 Lullaby
22 Hellfire
23 Deep Freeze
24 Aqua Regia