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The following is a list of controls for EarthBound.

SNES Wii U New 3DS Switch Action
Neutral Dpad Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick Neutral dpad or Neutral cpad Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick Controls your character(s) and his/her movements, along with the movement of the arrows on the previously mentioned selection screens.
A Button A button A button A button Brings up a menu with a number of actions you can take at any given time. Mainly these are "Talk" and "Check", but there are a number of others such as "Goods" and "PSI". A Button also works as the "confirm" command in these menu screens.
B Button or Select Button B button or Minus button B button or Select button B button or Minus button Acts as the "cancel" or "no" button. Pressing this button will also bring up the status of your party. Pressing L Button after bringing up the status will take you to the same menu as pressing A Button, which makes it easier to play the game only using the left hand.
X Button X button X button X button Brings up the town map, after you get it from the library.
L Button L button L button L button Acts as an instant "Check" or "Talk" so you don't have to go through the menu. Also functions as confirm.
R Button R button R button R button Ring the bell when on the bike.