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Paula is an 11-year-old girl (from the town of Twoson) who was kidnapped by the Carpainter for a sacrifice. Her strong psychic powers are a valuable addition to Ness's team. She can use her powers to call upon others for help. Paula is also able to pray, which induces bringing fortune, or misfortune, to the group.


Paula is unique in that she can pray during battle for a random effect to occur. These effects can be good or bad, but there is no way to know until you try it. The following chart is a list of possible effects.

Type of Prayer Target Effect
Dazzling Light A 1 random enemy Deals damage
Dazzling Light B All enemies and allies Causes crying
Golden Light 1 ally Restore full HP
Heaven-rending Sound All enemies and allies Causes strange
Heavy Air All enemies and allies Reduces defense
Mysterious Aroma All enemies and allies Causes sleep
Mysterious Light All allies Recovers small amount of PP
Very Subtle Light All allies Recovers a little bit of HP
Warm Light All allies Recovers some HP
Rainbow-Colored Light All enemies & allies Fully revives everyone


Greek alphabet key
α β γ Σ Ω
Alpha Beta Gamma Sigma Omega


Level Name PP Target Effect
N/A PSI Freeze α 4 1 Enemy
3 PSI Fire α 6 1 enemy row
8 PSI Thunder α 3 1 random enemy 60-180 damage on a random target (which may miss).
11 PSI Freeze β 9 1 random enemy
19 PSI Fire β 12 1 enemy row
25 PSI Thunder β 7 1 random enemy (2×) 60-180 damage per attack.
31 PSI Freeze γ 18 1 enemy
37 PSI Fire γ 20 1 row of enemies
46 PSI Freeze Ω 28 1 enemy
57 PSI Thunder γ 16 1 random enemy (3×) 100-300 damage per attack.
64 PSI Fire Ω 42 1 enemy row


Level Name PP Target Effect
6 PSI Shield α 8 1 Ally Blocks magic attacks.
15 PSI Magnet α 0 1 Enemy Absorbs PP
21 Offense Up α 10 1 Ally Raises offense
24 PSI Magnet Ω 0 All Enemies Absorbs PP
26 PSI Shield Σ 24 All Allies Blocks magic attacks.
29 Defense Up α 6 1 Ally Raises defense
40 Offense Up Ω 30 All Allies Raises offense
51 PSI Shield β 14 1 Ally Reflects magic attacks
54 Defense Up Ω 18 All Allies Raises defense
60 PSI Shield Ω 42 All Allies Reflects magic attacks