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Jeff is the genius from Winters. He joins the party when he crash lands in a graveyard after hearing Paula's calls for help. Though unable to use PSI powers, he can fix some broken items that become extremely useful for the party. Some of these items can be used multiple times. He is also able to use bottle rockets, which are very powerful. Jeff has a special ability called Spy, which grants him the ability to know an enemy's weaknesses as well as how much HP and PP they have left.

Broken Items[edit]

Broken Item Invention Use Required IQ
Broken Machine Counter-PSI Unit Prevents enemy from using PSI 1
Broken Spray Can Defense Spray Raise one allies defense, One use only 1
Broken Iron Slime Generator Prevents enemy from moving 10
Broken Air Gun Magnum Air Gun Weapon for Jeff 12
Broken Laser Laser Gun Weapon for Jeff 24
Broken Pipe Shield Killer Destroys enemies' shield 30
Broken Cannon Spectrum Beam Weapon for Jeff 32
Broken Gadget Double Beam Weapon for Jeff 34
Broken Tube Hungry HP-Sucker Absorbs HP 36
Broken Trumpet Defense Shower Raise all allies defense, multiple uses 40
Broken Bazooka Heavy Bazooka Attack an enemy with great damage, multiple use 45
Broken Harmonica Baddest Beam Weapon for Jeff 55
Broken Antenna Gaia Beam Weapons for Jeff 65