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Nightmare in Threed[edit]

The first thing you'll want to do is stock up on items you might need at the drugstore and rest up. There are a lot of difficult enemies running around town, so be careful. Some of them even look like trash cans, so be on the lookout for those. There is a Teddy Bear in the trash can by the Hint Shop, which will come in handy. If you don't have enough room, call Escargo Express and store anything you don't need. Make sure to check the drawers in the hospital for an Insignificant Item which you can return to someone in the Twoson hospital for a rare item. If you want to level up, fight around the graveyard in the northern part of town.


Black market (Near circus) Drugstore Bakery Facilities
  • Toy air gun ($215)
  • Bomb ($149)
  • Bottle rocket ($29)
  • Rust promoter ($89)
  • Minor league bat ($399)
  • Thick fry pan ($198)
  • Hard hat ($298)
  • Insecticide spray ($19)
  • Copper bracelet ($349)
  • Cold remedy ($22)
  • Vial of serum ($58)
  • Refreshing herb ($80)
  • Toothbrush ($3)
  • Calorie stick ($18)
  • Cookie ($7)
  • Bread roll ($12)
  • Croissant ($18)
  • Skip sandwich ($38)
  • Lucky sandwich ($128)
  • Can of fruit juice ($4)
  • Cup of coffee ($6)
  • Hospital ($40)
  • Hotel ($60/person)
  • Hints ($60)
  • Bus stop
  • Pizza delivery

The Genius of Snow Wood[edit]

When you're ready to move on, go to the northwest part of town and examine the zombies (don't worry, they won't attack you). Head back into town again and towards the hotel. A mysterious woman enters the hotel as you get close to her. Follow her inside and you'll be ambushed. When you wake up, Paula will call out for help. You can actually talk to the woman on the first floor of the hotel, but she'll either say no problem here, or who are you talking to.

This is the first time you'll get to control someone other than Ness! Jeff wakes up after hearing Paula call for help. When you attempt to leave the room, you'll be stopped, but instead of hindering you, Tony will join you. Head out of your bedroom and into the room next door. Collect the cookies from the presents (dropping the Protractor to make more room, and the ruler if you want all seven) and head down one floor.

Enter the first room on the left and talk to the man inside for a key to the lockers. Go back out and the to next room (the one on the right) and try the key on the lockers. It won't work because it is bent. Go back to the man who gave you the key and he'll give you his invention, called the Bad Key Machine. Try all the lockers and you'll find a Holmes Hat and Pop Gun which you should immediately equip. You'll also find a Broken Air Gun which Jeff will be able to fix later.

Exit the building and Tony will help you over the gate. Head south to continue your adventure as Jeff!