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To begin, select a new game and follow the directions on the screen. You may select the text speed, audio output, and menu color. You must then name the four main characters of the game, your dog, your favorite homemade food, and your favorite thing. You may choose the default names by selecting "Don't Care" at the bottom of the screen. The following table shows all possible choices that are generated by the game.

Ness Alec Roger Will Brian Tyler Lane
Paula Nancy Skye Paige Marie Holly Jane
Jeff Dan Henry Isaac Ralph Sean Rob
Poo Kato Kai Omar Ramin Aziz Lado
King Peach Sparky Rex Baby Rover Misty
Steak Pie Pasta Cake Eggs Bread Salmon
Rockin Hammer Love Gifts Slime Gaming Boxing

For the purposes of this guide, we will refer to each person and object by their first default name (highlighted in light gray in the table above). The naming menu is shown below, as well as the outcome if you choose the default names.

Choose a name for Ness Review your naming choices

Experience Points[edit]

Characters gain levels by means of experience points. Experience points are awarded to each participant after Battles. The amount of experience points awarded to you and your allies add up depending on the number of enemies fought and their strength. Remember, should one or everyone in your group run out of HP, they will not be awarded experience points after the battle.

Once a certain milestone of experience points is reached, you and your allies' levels may increase. The more battles won, the stronger you become!