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Delivery Man, Maid, and Monkey, Oh my![edit]

As you exit Jackie's Cafe, Apple Kid will call you about a new invention he's created, the Trout Yogurt Machine! Head outside and an Escargo Express delivery man will explain that he lost the Yogurt Machine. Meanwhile, Monotoli's maid lets you know that she really needs the machine... Looks like you'll have to find it! That's not all though. A monkey will approach, informing you that Talah Rama is waiting for you in Dusty Dunes Desert. Looks like that'll be our first stop. Take the bus to Dusty Dunes Desert and you'll end up at the Drugstore. The first thing you want to do is buy a Picnic Lunch and a Skip Sandwich and then sell off any other food items you have (or give them to Escargo Express if you really want to save them). For the next part of the adventure, you'll need a lot of inventory space. Also, make sure you have the Pencil Eraser with you before moving on.

Just north of the drugstore you will find a hole with a ladder. Climb down and you'll enter Monkey Caves. There are no difficult enemies down here, so you'll have a break from that. However, the maze is very confusing and if you want to collect all of the items, follow these instructions very closely.

Navigating the Maze[edit]

Monkey Caves is a series of corridors and splits that lead to items. Doesn't sound too terrible, except that to enter a new section of the cave you must give the monkeys items. Every item the monkeys require can be found in another part of the cave, except for the initial Skip Sandwich and Picnic Lunch. Once you give the monkey it's item, you do not have to give it another if you need to come back. Do not use any of the items you find in this cave! This is very important if you want to get the best items.

When you descend the ladder you will end up in a corridor that only goes in one direction, so walk to the left and you'll come upon two monkeys. The monkey on the right requires a Skip Sandwich and the monkey on the left requires a Picnic Lunch. Give the Skip Sandwich to the rightmost monkey and enter the cave behind him. Inside here you will find a Wet Towel, so pick it up. Now backtrack to the previous room and give the Picnic Lunch to the leftmost monkey and enter the room behind him. Grab the Pizza and continue by moving left.

You will now come upon two more monkeys, a female on the left who requires a Pizza and a male on the right who requires a Wet Towel (both of which we just picked up). Give the Pizza to the female monkey and you'll find another Pizza behind her. Do not continue on yet! Instead, backtrack to where the other monkey is. Don't worry about giving him the wet towel yet, we'll come back to that. Continue to the right until you reach the first set of monkeys again. Enter the door on the right, where you found the wet towel and continue left.

In this next room, you will find a monkey on the left who wants a Pizza and one on the right who wants a Protein Drink. Give your Pizza to the left monkey and grab the Protein Drink in the corridor behind him. Go back a screen and give the Protein Drink to the monkey on the right and enter the next area. Here you will find a Hamburger. Pick it up and backtrack to the first set of monkeys in the cave, once again.

Take the left door and follow it to the left. Now give the Wet Towel to the rightmost monkey and behind him you will find a Hamburger and a Ruler. Go to the left some more and you will come to two more monkeys. Both of these monkeys want a Hamburger. You should now have two of these. The monkey on the left leads to a Broken Tube which Jeff can fix to become a Hungry HP Sucker. The monkey on the right will lead to a Flame Pendant. Grab both and head to the right two screens. Enter the left cavern where you found a Pizza and go left one more time.

This part you will have to do quickly, so make sure you understand the instructions before attempting it. The monkey in here gives you a Fresh Egg which you must deliver to another monkey a little ways away. If you take too long, it will hatch into a Chick and you won't be able to get the Neutralizer item without going back to the monkey to get another egg. Grab the Egg and head to the right until you reach the first set of monkeys you encountered in the cave. Take the right cavern and follow it to the next split. Take the right door again and follow it past where you got a Hamburger earlier. The next room is another split. Give the egg to the male monkey on the right and you will get the Neutralizer which Jeff can use to destroy enemy shields and positive status effects.

Head back and give the Ruler to the monkey on the left. Here you will find a King Banana. Grab it and backtrack to the two male monkeys. Enter the left cavern (where you found the Protein Drink) and continue left. Give the King Banana to the monkey on the right and grab the presents inside (a Picnic Lunch for you to keep and a Hamburger). Head back to the previous screen and give your newly acquired Hamburger to the monkey on the left for a Bag of Dragonite (a very strong attack item that is useful in boss battles).

Go back through the monkey on the right and continue through the cave until you reach an eraser statue. Use the pencil eraser and you will enter a room with Talah Rama and two presents (a Cup of Life Noodles and a Brain Food Lunch). Talk to Talah Rama who will give you the Yogurt Machine you have been looking for. Then talk to the monkey, who will tell you to meet him outside. You are now done with the Monkey Caves, so exit them.


Outside, talk to the monkey who will teach you one of the most useful spells in the entire game, PSI Teleport Alpha! From this point forward, you no longer have to ride buses or walk back to places you've already been. PSI Teleport will take you to any town you have previously visited. Test it out by teleporting yourself to Winters (Ness hasn't visited there, but remember Jeff has). Once you reach Winters, go to the drugstore and pick up a T-Rex Bat for Ness and a Non-Stick Frying Pan for Paula. Teleport back to Fourside. Warning, you might not be able to get back if you go to Winters, only go there if you really need too! If you do get stuck,stand near the ledge next to the drug store, teleport to Onett then go to Fourside. Call up Escargo Express and store your Pencil Eraser and Bag of Dragonite (you'll want to save this for more difficult bosses later in the game). You are finally ready to rescue Paula.