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Back to Threed[edit]

Magic Truffle
If you did not grab the Insignificant Item from the drawers in the hospital before leaving Threed, do so now. Take a bus back to Twoson and hand the item to the man in the hospital there. He will give you a Magic Truffle in return, which will restore one character up to 80 PP! Save it and use it later where it can be used for the full effect.

Time to return to Threed! Note that on the way back you won't encounter zombies any longer, though the rest of the enemies are still there. If you need some food items in your inventory, grab some Peanut Cheese Bars from Saturn Valley before leaving. Threed looks completely different now that the zombies are gone! It is no longer dark and gloomy. Talk to people to find out their reactions. You'll learn that the bus routes are now open! Also, if you check out the Circus Tent, the picture guy comes and snaps your picture.

Time to move on to Fourside. Check the bus stop out and you'll be able to take a bus to Fourside. Along the way, you'll be stopped in traffic.

Dusty Dunes Desert[edit]

  • Mr. Baseball bat ($498)
  • Thick fry pan ($198)
  • Deluxe fry pan ($598)
  • Silver bracelet ($599)
  • Coin of slumber ($1500)
  • Wet towel ($24)
  • Refreshing herb ($80)
  • Calorie stick ($18)
  • Skip snadwich ($38)
  • Lucky sandwich ($128)
  • Can of fruit juice ($4)
  • Picnic lunch ($24)
Black market
  • Zip gun ($425)
  • Bomb ($149)
  • Bottle rocket ($29)
  • Rust promoter ($89)

The first thing to do is head to the drugstore and update your equipment. You should buy everyone Coins of Slumber and update Ness and Paula's weapons. Grab some Refreshing Herbs while you're at it, as there are many enemies that can poison you in the desert. If you have more room, you can buy some Wet Towels to cure sunstroke (though PSI Healing alpha will work as well). When fighting enemies here, watch out for the Bad Buffalo. Use PSI Paralysis on him and he'll be easier. Avoid Smiling Spheres as well. They deliver a very powerful explosion after being defeated which may almost wipe out your entire party. The scorpions can poison you, so be careful around them as well. If you manage to find a caterpillar out and about, chase it down and defeat it for a ton of experience!

There are a ton of items lying around. Make sure to look around for some great items. There are also two seeds in the desert. Try and find them (Hint: One is in the northwest near the Cup of Lifenoodles and one is in the south near the Big Bottle Rocket). Look for a Contact Lens in the north as well to give to a man in Fourside (this is optional and doesn't get you a great item, but it is fun anyway).

Make your way to the Miner's Shack on the right side of the desert, near some rocks. Give the miner a food item from your inventory and then rest and save inside the shack. Use this opportunity to train up some more because of the free healing and save location. Once you're ready to move on, either walk back to the drugstore and use the bus to continue to Fourside or just walk through the tunnel.