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Cheiron Archer (Sagitta Weinberg in the Japanese version)

Sakura Wars 5 character Cheiron Archer.jpg

Pronounced as "Karen" for this purpose, she's born in Harlem, New York and has the age of 21 years old. She's an African-American lawyer who previously worked with Steam Frontier in "Episode 2". Despite being obsessed with the law, her heart is in the Centaur law and keeping her hometown out of harms way. She loves cats and can be brutal if you get on her badside. She has friends in Harlem, most likely Carlos and Mother Carolyn from the church.

Battle Strength She has a similar range to Subaru except she can only attack in a narrow spectrum. Try to find a good distance for your fighter.

Cheiron's Ending She's accessible at the start and can be easily dealt with. Remember to visit Harlem more often and dating should be easy. Just don't get too much on her bad side.

Requirements for Cheiron Archer's Ending[edit]

  • Episode 3: Go to Harlem after the first battle with Rosita. Try not to be too goofy around her because of her wild short tempers for you.
  • Episode 4: Go to her place and help her clean up her apartment at night time.
  • Episode 7: If she's your girl, go to her place at Harlem and accept her date. Perhaps before that when you're in the Theatre, go to backstage and help her with her tie but only if you date someone else other than her. Don't forget to get the key chain or a cat statue. Near the end, choose her for the ending to be complete.