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They both are needed for one thing: More pictures! You can go through two requirements.

Throughout the Adventure Mode, you should keep Cherry and Anri happy by being positive to the response.

Cherry photo themes[edit]

This should be easy at the start of "Episode 2". Make sure the location is up before you take a photo. But it has to be based on the girls favourite place to go. For episode 7, you have a window and only chance to take a photo that Ratchet likes to go. The difference between Ratchet's and the other girls is to take photo zoomed out while the other girls requires zooming up close.

  • Episode 2: Gemini's favourite place to eat.
  • Episode 3: Subaru's favourite place to relax.
  • Episode 4: Rosita's favourite place to eat.
  • Episode 5: Diana's favourite place to have peace and quiet.
  • Episode 6: Cheiron's favourite place to hang around.
  • Episode 7: Ratchet's favourite place to relax.

Anri's Photos[edit]

If you bought all pictures in all chapters you might get the same thing. The catch is to buy one per episode up to Episode 7.

Peppermint Photo[edit]

You'll find it in "The Easy NY: Free Chapter". At the backstage, you'll be tested in the knowledge of what you know about this game. It's not particularly difficult except one wrong answer could have you start over again. The best tip is to play again and again every time you get a wrong answer. If you remember the right answer for each one, you'll definitely get this picture.