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A Samurai Makes His Stand

Sakura Wars 5 character Shinjiro Taiga 2.jpg

You start out as Shinjiro Taiga. You're standing by the blossom tree as Sakura Shinguji, the black hair girl in a pink robe approaches you to meet her commander, Ichiro Ogami.

Meeting Commander Ogami
Response Impact
Umm... I'm your nephew, Shinjiro! - Ogami
Lt. Taiga, reporting for duty! + Ogami
... (Choose nothing) N/A

You won't be penalized on the first multiple answer page. Perhaps as a nod, this is a tie-in to how the series began to where it is now. Although Sakura's the star of the series, she and her commander will take a backseat since they won't be joining you in your adventure. But the truth is, you're not part of the Flower Division in Tokyo nor the European Division in Paris. Instead you'll be starting at the bottom of the Star Division in New York.

Special note: This is a storytelling experience, remember to give out positive thoughts and sucking up to the girls as it will payoff when you reach your first battle.

Hello New York![edit]

Meeting the Masked Woman
Response Impact
I like your mask. + Gemini Sunrise
So, uh, what's your name? N/A
What about this sack of money? - Gemini Sunrise
Well... (Choose nothing) N/A

Of course you'll start off in a traditional Japanese robe waiting for a person to pick you up at a port. When you hear the robbery, a girl in the mask and a horse came and swipe two men with her sword. When you get a closer look, she has red hair and blue eyes. After she's gone, unfortunately you're mistaken as a robber until one of two people came to help you. If you played this game the first time, Kayama from Romando shops comes to take you to the New York Theatre. The second time you play, Ratchet Altair takes over with her car instead no matter how many times you play this game.

Arriving at the Little Lip Theatre[edit]

Meeting Ratchet Altair
Response Impact
I didn't expect such a beauty. N/A
I'm very pleased to meet you! + Ratchet Altair
I'm not gonna be the leader? N/A
... (Choose nothing) N/A

Upon reaching the Little Lip theatre, Kayama introduces you to the Captain of the New York Combat Revue Star Division, Ratchet Altair. After greeting her she will bring you to the manager's office on the top of the building to meet Mr. Sunnyside. Instead of the standard set of options to introduce yourself a gauge will appear with the standard dialog timer. This is the first appearance of the Analog LIPS. Press up or down and confirm to use the Analog LIPS. Make a strong impression by pushing all the way up and gain additional favor with Ratchet Altair (the lowest option will have the opposite effect).

You're instructed to go to the village to settle in at your new apartment they have arranged for you.

Note: Choosing "I didn't expect such a beauty" will have an effect at the end. In order to reach it, make sure you follow certain requirements to make Ratchet Altair, your girl for this to work.

Second time: The dialogue with Ratchet upon playing a number of times, indicated by the dialogue box will be used when you meet her after the masked woman incident at Wall Street. She'll have the same lines as Kayama in the theatre before introducing you to Mr Sunnyside.

Save Point

The trouble with girls[edit]

As you go to your village, the girl with red hair bumps into you. You introduce yourself to Gemini. She can daze off into her thoughts before continuing her duties. Including punching you in the face! Anyway, she's describe as having red hair, blue eyes and wears pretty much variations of wild west clothing.

Because of the plea that Gemini is having, you tag along with her until you get to the village. You'll be introduced to Cherry and Anri as they both play a major role in support of the Star Division. If you're playing the second time, Kayama will introduce himself to you here. After changing your clothes, you and Gemini can spend time going around the city to get to know the places. Be mindful if this is your first time, think fast and try to keep your response as positive as you can. Also each visit uses up five minutes so be sure to check as much as you can before you're called back to the managers office. By the way, when you reach the exit sign, select it and choose which area you want to go to. So far there's Village, Theatre and Midtown.

There's a brief cutscene with the black and violet STAR machine's fly in the sky. I recommend you go to Midtown after you been to at least three parts of the Village. After visiting three parts of Midtown, Ratchet will call you. You can choose to go straight to the theatre but if you like to explore some more, ask for more time as you have three chances left before you have to go back to the theatre rooftops to end your exploration.

You meet Ratchet and Gemini goes back to cleaning. You'll be first introduced to Subaru (it's a name from a car but let it slide as there's nothing wrong with the name), the other Japanese person who's part of the division. Then you sit at the lobby while Ratchet finds Cheiron (pronounced as Karen). Unfortunately, things go wrong when Cheiron is unhappy with your presence. The Star Division thought it was Ichiro Ogami who's suppose to be the lead in this team! In consolidation, Ratchet tells you to see the performance while questioning whether you should stay or not. By the way, Cheiron is an African-American and described as sort of hot tempered lawyer.

Save Point

Note: You've got to remember which girl you want to be positive with until the end. Check on the conditions to see which girl has the highest trust in you. As for the two other girls in episodes 3 and 4, you'll have to be a jerk sometimes to get those girls ending to be likely available to you. As for Ratchet, go to the link and follow the requirements you need to get to the special ending.

On the next day as you walk through the path, you meet Diana Caprice, who's a beautiful blonde hair girl, wearing glasses and sitting on the wheelchair feeding the birds. This is the point for you to go back as this is your first task in helping with the theatre.

Cleaning service with Gemini[edit]

You start at the rooftop. You can meet with Ratchet to check how she's feeling but try to resist the temptation of staring at her body. Including her breast! Anyway after cleaning the top by checking the areas, go down and start with the first long timed task in the hallway. You got to remember: sweep the floor, wipe it with the rag and finally wax the floor. But the last part has Gemini getting wet by the water! The last part you choose is up to you. Regardless, you should do a good job in this timed minigame in following the order. But fail to follow that order can piss her off.

Another job is to hand out flyers which should be easy. The places to hand out flyers is Romando, Subaru's Suite, Cafe Samba, 5th Avenue and Maggie's Groceries. Go anywhere else would upset Gemini so keep those places in mind.

Perhaps it's worth mentioning here and back at Battery Park with Gemini. You can click on what you interact. It takes two clicks to see what happens next. In the case of Gemini, if you hit 75% on her belly button the second time, she reacts positively because of the acupunture! But go too far with 100% and she ends up with a painful stomach. If you click on her breast with a heart icon twice, it turns out that girls like her don't like you being a pervert like that! Anywhere else is ok, if you're not being mean to her! With Ratchet, if you click on her breast twice, you get to choose your response. If you really like her, just choose "I'm sorry" and she'll forgive you. Avoid touching her hair twice as it triggers a negative response. The exception in clicking breasts is Subaru with a mysterious gender and Rosita because she's not old enough to have it.

To end your responses, move the cursor down until the stick walking figure comes out. You might have to do it twice so keep those in mind that it's not restricted to chatting with girls. Lastly, with Mr Sunnyside, just choose any responses since you're not that stupid in dating him! Thankfully, he can't be chosen as the ending.

Lights out![edit]

This is your first minigame task. Before that, when you and Gemini couldn't get the lights on to clean the auditorium. They both go to the top and things went terribly wrong. Gemini clumsily pushed all the buttons and the theatre blacks out!

Cheiron blames Gemini for it, but you decided to step in to save Gemini from this disaster. You'll be taken up with Subaru back to the same spot to get the steams going. It will be easy at first. If successful, you continue to operate to get the light working but one things missing. Gemini left the switch off at the auditorium! So you have to race to the switch and in time, the lights go back on and show becomes a success.

Just when you think it's over[edit]

You go to Gemini's house for the night. It's worth noting she has a horse named Larry. Pretty suspicious but it can't be spoiled until "Episode 6" to find out who whether she has a sister or not. But a loud siren comes on and you'll be called for your first battle.

Of course it's worth mentioning that you're not restricted in clicking girls body parts! You get to click around the girls room. There's a minigame near a pot, pile of apples. Just swirl it clockwise as fast as you can! Do it well and Gemini will praise you for your performance. As mentioned before, click any part at least twice. Including her panties which is next to her doll horse! Experiment each time you play again to get new dialogue out and things you haven't discovered yet.

Anyway as a complete surprise, you've been promoted as one of Ratchet's crew. Your not a captain yet so you have to take this episode as a tutorial. Perhaps before any battle in each episode, your response can affect one person, two people, a group or none! Idealy stick to a group unless you're really focused on one girl as a reason to reach an ending specified to it.

Note: For a goofy response, choose "See you guys later" thinking your team is going to leave you behind! Ratchet replies "What are you talking about? You're coming with us." Mr Sunnyside asks Ratchet whether she makes the right decision. She has to accept you anyway or else the story wouldn't work. Anyway here's your first chance in battle with the STAR division machine!

Also note that you won't be using advance strategies until the next episode. To speed up your knowledge, here's what you need to know:

  • Stratagem comprises of three advantages you need to know: Default is Gi which is a balance of offensive and defensive with all moves available including the advancement of speed. Shin is using offensive strength with the sacrifice of the healing component with the attack strength up. Tai is the opposite of Shin with the guard strength up but the Supermove not functioning in that area.
  • Protect is use if one of your teammate is in danger. It will be a good head start that also saves you from danger. The max is three so remember to use it wisely but only if your able to keep your crew alive.
  • Help me! is pretty much what it is. If you can't handle things on your own, the teammate you call will help you by teleporting to your spot. The max is one when you reach the highest level in nine medals.

In terms of medals, you'll be bound to go from rookie to superstar if your able to keep your crew alive until episode 8 in which you face the toughest challenge ever. To be really sure, check that your ability to heal girls around you grows, your supermove can reach further distances and you'll be able to use strategy much easier with a longer move bar set. Check conditions and you'll be thankful that you'll keep the status after you finish this game with a girl of your choice.

To make sure the medals count, keep your team alive in each episode. If you fail, your medal tally won't grow. So be wise with your dialogue and make sure your priority in keeping the weakest from bailing out of the turn based battleground. If you succeed, your medal tally goes up. So if this is your first time playing, pay attention to the conditions and make use of all the moves available to you.

Even though it's too early to do it, you have to do couple attack in each episode. Not doing so which is required to get a medal will leave you scratching your head. So don't forget about that.

Save Point

Saving Ratchet Altair[edit]

Sakura Wars 5 character Ratchet Altair.jpg

On your first battle, you don't get to control Cheiron and Subaru yet (Controlling Ratchet will happen near the end of Episode 8). Just battle one opponent at a time and if your bottom gauge is full, you can use your supermove attack. If you want to play safe, reserve two bars for defence and it will help minimizes the damage taken from the robots to keep you from dying. A special tip is to look for stars under the bots or a part of the boss. So if you see five stars, attack with five hits. If you see three stars, attack with three hits. This will be important throughout the game as it will help with the mobility for each turn.

If you want more detail, you can choose to do the tutorials or learn by doing it. Depending whether it's your first time or not, Shinjiro's supermove will start from a short distance sword strike and his healing range too narrow to cover more than one person. If you earned nine medals, Shinjiro's supermove will have a long range distance sword strike and his healing range wide enough to cover more than one person. Your mobility and the others starts with seven. But if you earned nine medals, you'll have a max of ten.

In terms of mobility, you have to be mindful on every turn. You have to decide on highest amount of attacks which is five, defence, spirit build up and other moves like supermoves, heal and joint attack which only takes one block. Example: Use five blocks on attack, use two blocks on defence. If you have remaining blocks, moving also counts so work you way around and to the area. It may be complicated at first but this is the strategy you need to learn to deal with in any battle in this game.

Also if you want to know why Ratchet isn't doing so well comes down to two reasons: While cleaning up the rooftop, you go to the Manager's Office to see Ratchet and turns out when you talk to her, she has so much work, talking to reporters and doing the paperwork makes her lose concentration. The other reason when you start your battle, Ratchet really doesn't have any Supermoves or defense which is why you have one choice left.

To fill in the blanks, to feature more interactive dialogue, you or the other girls has to be near each other to work. An example is with Ratchet. You can choose to be positive, negative or neutral. It can be "I'm not a soldier" which is neutral, "Thank you" which is positive and "Keep praising me" for a negative response!

There will be a cutscene in which Ratchet couldn't move out of the way. You can choose to save Ratchet or not, but you'll save her anyway which makes you the captain. Finish off the remaining robot minions and get ready for the next battle. Be mindful in controlling your teammates as well. Also don't forget to try the joint attack. The joint attack is having two people cover a certain limited area to give devastating effect to the enemies within the area.

Speaking of joint attacks, there's three ways of doing this. Usually you get Cheiron and Subaru do a joint attack together to get their point up. You can joint attack with either girls to get more points depending on which girl is important to you. Lastly, apart from the early start when you go close up to Ratchet, you can do the same with either girls to even push their motivations even further up. Remember in later battles as it is useful to be able to reach the coupling attack without any trouble.

Also take note that only in this level your teammates Cheiron, Subaru and Ratchet will be restricted to its default motivations. You can only grow their motivations after this episode.

Star Division Assault[edit]

You'll be thankful it's on the easy side. Here's your priorities: Take down the flying robot minions as they can take your crew down easily. Then take down the offensive weapons. That's the two arms and the fire rocketing necklace. However if you try to take down the head, it will keep recharging from the backpack. So attack the backpack next then take down the head before finally taking down the pneuma. You'll get the photo victory pose after this.

If you earned nine medals from the Conditions on the save point, taking down Garan should be easy. Get Shinjiro to aim for the backpack and the fire rocketing necklace while Cheiron and Subaru take care of both arms and flying minions. Then group up and take the head and its dark pneuma.

Save Point

Take note: The boss you take down will come back with more robot minions and weapons and even a superpower so prepare for that moment once you got your crew together in "Episode 6". Not to spoil but you'll see it once more in "Episode 7" but don't expect another fight with the titan. By the way, the gigantic boss name is Garan.

Also, the State of Liberty which is a beautiful large woman statue will have a surprise by episode 8 so tune in to the final page to find out more!

If you want to know more about those people, these links will help you understand them better:

Check episode 3 for the recruit not listed here.