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This is a good place to know the main and side characters. For the girls, check the links on the Table of Contents.

Shinjiro Taiga[edit]

Sakura Wars 5 character Shinjiro Taiga 2.jpg

You play this character. Your background is your a nephew to Uncle Ichiro Ogami. Also your a male equivalent to none other than Sakura Shinguji who's like a country bumpkin, trying to fit in to the Star Division in New York, USA. Perhaps the most important job is to motivate the girls to their highest level once you reach the battlefield.

Your storyline perhaps the most, even though you couldn't join the Flower Division and the European Division, you have the skills to become the leader of the girls you eventually care about as you go through the game. You'll encounter not just dramatic moments but humorous moments as well. You'll be working alongside, Cherry Cocker and Anri Yoshino who's part of the Rainbow Division, Mr Sunnyside who runs the whole New York operation and Ratchet Altair whom after your first STAR battle, becomes your vice commander and has skills in using her knives.

Strength You have perhaps be able to handle any situation if you can be kept alive. You sword supermove attack distance will increase overtime, along with offensive and defensive strength, Help Me! feature, protection and the heal area as well. Also you can keep those features everytime you finish the story mode.

Mr Sunnyside[edit]

He runs his operation on the Little Lip Theatre with his assistant Ratchet Altair and Mr Wong. He can be a quirky character, obsessed with japanese nature and can be a shrewed manipulator but on the good side.

Mr Wong[edit]

He's an old assistant to Mr Sunnyside. He runs a doctor's store in Chinatown and an expert mechanic to the STAR robots that he helped create. He has an assistant named Faye who does the manicure and has a baby coming soon.


To cut down on confusions, in this game, it's consider as a "he". The appearance is long yellow hair, rabbit-like and wears a dress so perhaps, it's more of a "she" if your playing this English version. The japanese version will be done in a male voice but can easily lead to a gender identity crisis.

Oda Nobunaga[edit]

He's well known in the Feudal Age in which he was a warrior fighter who wants to unite Japan during the time. For this game, he's like a demon warrior. He is blinded by ambition and wants to dominate the world with the 6th Heaven and doesn't really care about reality all that much. His assistance apart from Ranmaru is Kokuryu, Dokurobo, Yumedono and Tsugarubi.