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For more details on advanced combat, see the Hidden Moves page.


Wii U Wii GameCube Action
Neutral lstick Neutral nunchuk Neutral control Move
Press rstick C button Up cstick Switch to first-person view
Neutral rstick Neutral nunchuk Neutral cstick Move camera in first-person view
ZL button Z button L button Focus or Lock on
L button Up dpad Z button Talk to Midna for a hint
A button A button A button Perform action
Plus button Minus button Up dpad,Down dpad,Start button Toggle item-selection screen on/off, Wii U Gamepad Pause, skip cut-scene
Up dpad 1 button Right dpad Access overworld map
Left dpadRight dpad 2 button Left dpad Toggle onscreen map on/off
Down dpad Plus button Start button Access Collection Screen.
N/A Remote button N/A Move the targeting reticule onscreen.
L button Up dpad Z button Transform/Warp


Wii U Wii GameCube Action
Y button X button R button B button X button Y button Use selected item. On the Wii version, you use the Neutral dpad without the Up dpad to choose the item. You can have up to four items in this version.
Down dpad Plus button Start button Access collection screen
Hold and release B button Shake Nunchuk button Hold and release B button Spin attack
B button Swing Remote button B button Swing sword
ZR button Thrust Nunchuk button R button Shield attack - lock on in GameCube/Wii U or hold L button/ZR button first


Wii U Wii GameCube Action
A button A button A button Jump
Hold B button Hold B button Hold B button Energy field
X button Left dpadRight dpad X button Activate wolf's senses
Y button Down dpad Y button Dig
B button Shake Remote button B button Bite
Hold B button Nunchuk button Hold B button Spin attack (every fourth attack on GameCube is a spin attack)
L button Up dpad Z button Send Midna across gaps
Switch vs Hold
"SWITCH" causes the target to stay locked onto after the Z-button is released, and pressing the Z-button a second time will change the target, or exit targeting if no other target is present. To remove targeting when others are present, Link must pull away from the enemy. "HOLD" requires the player to hold down the Z-button to target an enemy; releasing the button will disengage the lock. These settings can be reached by going to the option menu on the main menu. L-targeting supports the same settings, and functions the same way. Same with ZL on the Wii U.
Analog vs Motion
Analog controls allow for greater precision, for example, when aiming with a bow and arrow. For this precision, you sacrifice speed. Using motion like the Wii Remote gives you faster movement for your right hand as long as you keep it steady. However, you should ensure that you have sufficient room to swing your arm when using the sword. As with switch and hold, experiment with those methods to see what suits you. On the Wii U, you can move your Gamepad like a gyroscope as an option, as with using either first or third person view when using projectiles. Compare to Gamecube and Wii which is restricted to using the first person view when it comes to using projectiles.