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These are the locations of the 45 heart pieces scattered throughout the game, with the strategies to obtain them. The piece locations are listed in approximate order of where you encounter these locations in-game for the first time. However, you may not be able to get every piece in an area the first time through, since you may be missing an item that you receive at a later dungeon.

Ordon Village[edit]

  1. After you get Epona back in Ordon Village, go to the ranch riding Epona and talk to Fado. He will give you the piece after herding all of the goats.

Note: Make sure you have enough time between herding cows before your trip to Hyrule Castle, memorizing how long you bring your cows into the farm. Ideally five minutes should be the current time and beating that time is recommended.

Faron Woods[edit]

  1. Burn through the Faron Woods swamp's poisonous fog (there is no fog early in the game) by waving your lantern, enter the cave in the northwest (by the key to the north woods gate). Light two torches at the dead end to make the piece appear.
  2. Go north of Coro's shack, blast a giant boulder, then head north to a statue. Use the Dominion Rod to guide the statue into a shallow hole, then turn into a wolf and use Midna's help to hop onto the statue, and follow the path to a chest.

Forest Temple[edit]

  1. Drop a bomb into a large plant in the killer-plant-filled chamber northeast of the temple entrance. The giant bud will explode, giving you access to a ground-level alcove with a chest.
  2. Use the Gale Boomerang to put out the torches in the far east chamber. The wood platforms will drop, allowing you a clear path to the piece.

Hyrule Field[edit]

  1. Venture to the south end of the bridge in the middle of Hyrule Field. Equip the Gale Boomerang to retrieve the piece high up in one of the trees.
  2. Look for a tall rock formation that towers over the east end of Kakariko Gorge. You'll find the piece floating above it. Use the Boomerang to retrieve it.
  3. Travel north of Kakariko Village and use a bomb to destroy a large block on the path's west side. Follow the trail you just revealed, and use a bomb arrow to destroy a rock. Climb a vine and go north to claim your prize.
  4. Once you have the double clawshots, go to the southeast section of Kakariko Gorge and hit a grappling point in the middle of a large rock formation. Go from there to a point on the south cliff, then to the vines on the small formation. Climb the vines to reach the heart. Through precise positioning, this piece of heart can be obtained with the single clawshot. By standing as close as possible to the ledge, until half of Link’s feet are hanging off the edge, and aiming directly for the top-left corner of the vines on the rock formation, the single clawshot will reach. If you successfully use this method, you must use a warp to leave the area.
  5. In the area north of Hyrule Castle, take the northern rocky path until you reach a clearing with a west-facing cave blocked by a boulder. Destroy the boulder then smash the ice with the Ball and Chain. Beyond three block-pushing puzzles, you'll find the piece of heart.
  6. In northern Eldin Province, on the east side of the bridge that spans the hidden gulch, use the spinner on the north wall's track. After you reach the lower ledge, dig into a cave. Destroy three Stalfos inside to make a treasure chest appear.
  7. Blast boulders on both ends of a path in the far eastern section of Lanayru Province (east of Castle Town). Use the spinner to follow a track on the wall to get to a ledge with a piece of heart.
  8. Plant an explosive near a giant boulder southwest of the Kakariko Gorge bridge to gain entry to a sprawling cavern. Light two torches in the cavern's northwest section to make the chest appear.

Bridge of Eldin[edit]

  1. Grapple to a ledge on the west cliff wall north of the bridge. Go south then west into a cavern. The third time you leap off a ledge and use the Iron Boots in midair to stick to a wall, look for a chest.
  2. After you retrieve the middle of the bridge from Gerudo Desert, use the Dominion Rod to guide a statue from the north end to the south end. Drop it into an alcove to the east, then use it as a platform to hop across a gap. Climb a ladder to find the piece.

Kakariko Village[edit]

  1. After the Goron Mines dungeon, get a boost from a Goron at the north end of Kakariko Village, then climb a tower. Talo will challenge you to an arrow-shooting exercise. If you successfully complete, he will give you the piece.
  2. Use a bomb to destroy a huge boulder west of the Spirit Spring at the south end of the village. Go to the pool of water inside the cave there, use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom, then walk to the chest.
  3. A cliff above the boulder destroyed to get the previous heart has a grouping of rocks on it. Use a bomb arrow to destroy the rocks (equip the bow and select bombs) and then use the Boomerang to retrieve the heart.
  4. Once you've donated 1,000 rupees in Malo's shop to rebuild the west bridge to Castle Town, talk to the elder outside the shop. Accept his challenge to bring springwater to the Goron. Zigzag your way through the enemies and douse the Goron to receive the piece of heart.

Death Mountain[edit]

  1. Use the Goron on death mountain trail between Kakariko Village and the Goron camp for a boost (By the 2 metal things that you can climb up). Grab onto a ledge to the east, climb up, go north, then drop into a cave to the east to find a chest.

Goron Mines[edit]

  1. Shortly after you speak to Gor Amoto, the first elder in the mines, you'll use the Iron Boots to walk on the ceiling of a large chamber (the 2nd chamber after meeting Gor Amato). Go to the northwest corner to find a treasure chest.
  2. After you advance to the second-floor room that houses two beamos and a drawbridge, walk up the magnetic track on the east wall. Follow the track's southern branch to reach a chest on a ledge.

Lake Hylia[edit]

  1. Go to a room at the back of Lanayru's Spirit Spring by grappling to the ivy with the Clawshot. Light the two torches in the room to make a chest appear.
  2. There is a rock-blocked cave south of Lake Hylia's Howling Stone. Destroy the barrier and venture into the darkness with a full lantern. Work your way to the last chamber and light two torches to make the chest appear.
  3. Accept Plumm's challenge to a fruit-balloon-popping contest on the west side of lake Hylia. Get a 10,000 point score to get the piece of heart (go after the long line of strawberries, or focus entirely on oranges to snag over 20,000 points).
  4. Get to Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl challenge. Grab a Cucco and go straight for the floating platforms to the southwest. The top stationary platform (right under the rotating one) contains a piece of heart.

Fishing Hole[edit]

  1. Rent the canoe from the lady in the shack, and paddle out to the middle of the pond. Using the Fishing Rod, hook the heart piece sitting on the large rock formation. It is on the right half of the arch. The clawshot may be used instead while swimming to retrieve the heart piece. It will be claimed once Link returns to dry land.

Lakebed Temple[edit]

  1. After you get the Clawshot, return to the central circular room. From the second floor, use the Clawshot to grapple your way to the chandelier in the middle of the room. You'll find the heart in a chest.
  2. Make sure the water is flowing west in the main chamber, then travel to the westernmost room on the first floor. Cross the bridge to the south, then stand on the switch and grapple to the wall where the chest is.

Castle Town[edit]

  1. A man wearing a green robe on the Castle Town east road accepts donations in 30 and 50 rupee increments. Once you give him 1,000 rupees, he'll give you a piece of heart.

Gerudo Desert[edit]

  1. There is a boar on a spit in the northwest corner of the enemy camp. Use a spin attack to destroy the embers, then attack the boar itself to find the piece of heart.

Arbiter's Grounds[edit]

  1. Travel to the northwest corner of the Arbiter's Grounds central chamber. Use the Clawshot to fly over a patch of sinking sand and open the chest there.
  2. In the basement's northeast corner chamber, use the spinner to hook onto a wall track. You'll ride up to a midroom treasure chest.


  1. After you've obtained the second Mirror Shard, return to the top of Snowpeak. Challenge Yeto to a snowboard race. If you win, race his wife Yeta. When you defeat her, you get a piece of heart. Pressing Up nunchuk makes you go faster, while jumps tend to slow you down slightly, so don't jump unless you have to. Make sure you are familiar with the shortcut Yeta takes.

Snowpeak Ruins[edit]

  1. On the second floor of the foyer, hit the north chandelier with the Ball and Chain to start it swinging. Hop onto it, then hit and hop onto the two chandeliers to the south to reach to chest on the south ledge.
  2. Use a bomb or the Ball and Chain to blast the cracks in the floor in the southeast corner of the second level. There is a chest inside.

Sacred Grove[edit]

  1. Travel east of the temple grounds to one of the places where you faced off with Skull Kid. Blow up a boulder in the middle of the area, then dig in that place to reach a cave. After clearing the cave of enemies, you will find a piece of heart.

Temple of Time[edit]

  1. On your way back to the temple's main door, with the Dominion Rod in hand and statue in tow, you'll advance through a fifth-floor room that has sliding walls, an electric barrier and a chest. Guide the statue to a switch to gain access to the chest
  2. On the south end of the fifth floor's south room, use the Dominion Rod to guide two small statues along eastern and western paths. After they both hit switches, a chest will appear.
  3. When there's power in the Dominion Rod, go to the temple's main room and use the rod to move a statue embedded in the wall of the southwest corner. You'll reveal a passage leading to a treasure.

Hidden Village[edit]

  1. Travel south through a cave in Eldin Province's northeast corner to find the hidden village. You'll discover the Cucco leader on the west side. Crash through windows to get to her. Accept her challenge to find and speak to 20 cats. A piece of heart is awarded to you upon completion.

City in the Sky[edit]

  1. After you defeat the large plant on the first floor of the east wing, grapple up to the second floor and head counterclockwise through the room. Grab onto the ledge to your right and shimmy across the gap to find the heart piece.
  2. There is a piece in the chamber filled with Pea Hats on the east wing's third floor. Take the northwest exit from the chamber, then grapple from Pea Hat to Pea Hat to reach the southern balcony. Go in the door and get the heart.

Palace of Twilight[edit]

  1. Once you have the Light Sword, return to the palace's east wing. Use the sword (or the Sol) to cut through the fog on the east wall of the southeast room, then grapple to a treasure chest.
  2. Go to the palace's west wing once you have the Light Sword. Cut through the fog in the first room to make a platform appear in the southwest corner of the pit. The platform will carry you to within reach of the treasure chest in the west wall's raised alcove.