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These minigames can be unlocked at different times throughout the game. After the minigame becomes available, you can visit and play any time, and each gives its own rewards for achieving certain goals.

STAR minigame[edit]

  • Location: Inside of a large tent in Castle Town's eastern road.
  • Cost: The first stage costs 10 rupees and the second costs 15.
  • Awards: You receive the Big Quiver (60 arrows) upon the first successful completion and the Giant Quiver (99 arrows) when you clear it a second time. Every time after that nets you 100 rupees.
  • Required Items: You will need the Clawshot for the first stage and the Double Clawshot for the second.
  • Time: Go any time after Lakebed Temple for the first stage and after City in the Sky for the second stage.

In the STAR minigame's first stage, climb onto a platform and use the Clawshot to collect the colored orbs. Try to line up your shot so that you grab multiple orbs per flight. You win when you collect every orb. For the second stage, use the Double Clawshots to zip from wall to wall collecting the orbs. Try to get at least two orbs per flight and don't forget about the orb on the ceiling in the center of the arena! Each time thereafter, you play the second stage again, trying to beat your time record. Try to time it so that you only cut about one second off your record each time you do this to make the most money.

Fruit Pop Flight Challenge[edit]

  • Location: Simply howl (in wolf form) at some falcon grass in Lake Hylia.
  • Cost: None.
  • Awards: The first time you win nets you a piece of heart (#35) and each time you beat your best score thereafter, you get 100 rupees.
  • Required Items: None.
  • Time: After restoring light to Lanayru Province.

You'll guide a large bird through the same cave you used to get to Upper Zora's River while in the twilight, minus most of the scaffolding, and run into fruit balloons for points. You win by scoring 10,000 points or more in a single run. You can score extra points by going after a long line of one type of fruit, as each consequent pop doubles the fruit's score (up to ten times). Therefore, the per-pop maximum for watermelons is 512 points, oranges are 1,536 points, and strawberries are 5,120 points. Go for a long line of strawberries to rack up the best score.


  • Location: Upper Lake Hylia (take Fyer's normal flight to reach it from Lower Lake Hylia).
  • Cost: 20 rupees.
  • Awards: The prize platforms contain (in order from highest to lowest):
  1. 100 rupees
  2. Piece of heart #36.
  3. 50 rupees
  4. 20 rupees
  5. 10 rupees and A Poe soul.
You can also reach Another Poe soul from here.
  • Required Items: None.
  • Time: After restoring light to Lanayru Province.

Grab a Cucco and jump off the ledge to fly around Lake Hylia. Hold Up nunchuk to make the Cuccoo drop faster and Down nunchuk to make it drop slower. Regulate your speed, picking up the rupee symbols if you wish, and drop onto an upper level on the prize platform. You can open any chest that you can reach, but each chest can only be opened once, except the one on the spinning platform. As optional, you can use the heavy boots. Just tap the button on and off so time it and you'll land in the platform in no time.


  • Location: East of the Snowpeak Top warp point.
  • Cost: None.
  • Awards: Beating both Yeto and Yeta in a race gets you piece of heart #34.
  • Required Items: None.
  • Time: After completing the Snowpeak Ruins dungeon.

Just go down as fast as you can, getting these two crucial spots:

  1. As you approach the field of trees, go to the snow ramp and jump off of it to bounce along the treetops. This saves time and prevents crashes.
  2. After the trees, jump onto the right snow bank. Follow the trail of rupees on the overpass. Using this shortcut is the only reliable way to beat Yeta.

Iza's Rapid Ride[edit]

  • Location: Upper Zora's River.
  • Cost: 20 rupees.
  • Awards: Upgraded Bomb Bags for the first successful run and 50 rupees each time thereafter.
  • Required Items: Bomb Arrows.
  • Time: After returning light to Lanayru and after unblocking the river for the first time.

As you are going downriver, hit the pots with bomb arrows. Each green/yellow pot gives 1 point and red pots are worth 2. Hitting a wall or obstacle causes you to lose a point, so make steering your first priority. You can always turn your view around and hit a target you've already passed. You win after finishing the course with 25 points or more.


  • Location: Fishing Hole's Cabin.
  • Cost: 5 rupees.
  • Awards: 10 rupees, Frog Lure.
  • Required Items: None.
  • Time: After returning light to Lanayru.

You can find the Rollgoal minigame by looking in first-person mode at the Roll-goal board on one of the shelves in Hena's cabin. Guide the ball along the path and get it to the pink cup within the time limit to win. Use short, stuttered movements when navigating tight turns and rock the ball back and forth to gain momentum on small hills. If you get through 8 puzzles, Hena will give you the Frog Lure.

Cat Finder[edit]

  • Location: Hidden Village, near the howling stone.
  • Cost: None.
  • Awards: 20 rupees, piece of heart #39.
  • Required Items: Clawshot.
  • Time: After ridding Hidden Village of the bandits.

Talk to the Cuccoo leader by the howling stone to start the minigame. Find and talk to 20 cats scattered around Hidden Village to complete the minigame.

Ordon Herding[edit]

  • Location: Ordon Village farm.
  • Cost: None.
  • Awards: Piece of heart.
  • Required Items: None.
  • Time: After beating the Forest Temple.

This should be the third time to play this game. If you can beat your old record you can get a piece of heart.