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Alric Alric
- Remnant from Alric's Journal -

I have basked in his presence. The voice in the Ember is only a shadow of Ordrak's true glory. I find now that I have no desire other than to serve him, and to show his glory to the world.

My years of study are nothing to Ordrak's vast centuries dwelling in Ember, but still my knowledge sometimes surpasses his. His spirit infuses the Ember, it could be concentrated further, bringing his voice to the world.

Syl will see the potential. Together, we will free Ordrak from this mountain. Kingdoms will kneel before us, blinded by the radiance of our ascendancy! None will dare question the virtue of our art, or the power of Ordrak.

  • Floors: 30-34

The Black Palace is the final area of the game, where Ordrak has created a castle forged of dark ember and filled with his most powerful minions. Upon reaching floor 30, a new portal quest will be available from Hatch.


  • Blood Disciple (has a powerful dash attack, like the Goblin Hounds)
  • Dark Zealot (summons Enslaveds in groups of three, can fire three green Ember Bolts)
    • Enslaved (skeletal, zombie minions of Dark Zealots)
  • Dragonkin (can breathe fire; best to use ranged attacks)
  • Felwing (has a shriek attack and stinging tail)

Black Palace - Floor 30[edit]

The first Black Palace dungeon floor. Watch out for the Blood Disciple/Dark Zealot generators that look like blue portals.

Black Palace - Floor 31[edit]

After walking down a long hallway, fighting many enemies, you'll reach a large room. In the middle is Syl, trapped inside of a magical field.

Ordrak speaks to you, "How dare you tresspass here! I will destroy you for your insolence!"

Shade attacks, but isn't special. Rewards 2756 fame on Normal.

After killing Shade, you run up to Syl and free her. She begins speaking,

Syl Syl
I can't believe Master Alric has been consumed so completely. Ordrak is the cause, he has nested in the Ember for time beyond telling. The twisted creatures in this mountain are a reflection of his heart; his dark spirit runs through their veins.

Master Alric is crafting Dark Ember, he brought me here to assist him. I would have done so eventually, I can already hear Ordrak's voice calling to me.

You must destroy them, Alric and Odrak both. The Dark Ember is abomination we cannot allow.

After speaking, Syl runs southwest along the path and then southeast down the stairs. She then appears back in Torchlight. Head to Floor 32.

Black Palace - Floor 32[edit]

Another normal dungeon floor. You should be at Level 32 and 20 Fame.

Black Palace - Floor 33[edit]

Another normal dungeon floor. Grand potions typically drop here. You should be at Level 33 and 21 Fame.

Black Palace - Floor 34[edit]

The hallway stretches northeast. When you enter the large room, the camera will focus on Alric who will say,

Alric Alric
You have slowed our plans, visitor, but Ordrak's time is endless. All we require now is a willing sacrifice. Once you are dealt with, I will retrieve Syl and complete the Dark Ember.

Kneel or perish!

The battle begins.



Alric is simple, but powerful. He will summon a dragonkin avatar, like Shadow Armor, who will breathe fire on anyone around him. If using summons, quickly surround him, buff your units, and support them with damage and healing.

Upon defeat, the seal at the end of the room (northeast) will dissolve before Alric says,

Alric Alric
No! I will not be defeated here!

Alric then rushes off to floor 35.

Before you go down to floor 35, activate the Waygate hidden in the north corner beside and to the right of the floor 35 entrance.

Lair - Floor 35[edit]

Head down the stairs and run to the north west. There are no regular enemies here. When you reach the room full of red crystals, Alric will say,

Alric Alric
Ordrak, Ordrak, receive my sacrifice.

Alric then lifts up into the air and explodes, along with all of the red crystals in the room, which transform into energy and absorb into a giant mound of Ember. When all of the energy reaches the formation, it shatters, revealing a monstrous, six legged beast named Ordrak.



Level 30 on all difficulties. "Incarnate of the Corruption"

Very Hard pattern[edit]

1. Summons a squad of dragonkins and a horde of skeletons. It seems like if you fight him in the original big room where Ordrak has spawned, they are summoned endlessly(which renders game impossible). When you lure Ordrak to the other room where the entrance of this level is, Ordrak randomly summons/desummons his minions, leaving grand potions on the ground as they disappear.

2. Casts a number of big fiery balls towards the player. If you are hit by more than 3 fireballs, more than a thousand of your HP is lost. You can dodge the fireballs by taking cover behind the stalagmites of the cave, or by using the elevation of stairs which leads to a floor above.

3. When you get close to him, he starts to stomp the ground, dazing the player(and deals damage). The most deadly attack Ordrak has; You're likely to be killed by his minions or his next attack even if you survived the stomping.

4. Calls a nova of electric shockwaves around him. Can be easily dodged and deals moderate damage.

Vanquisher Tips[edit]

Using traps

Most of Ordrak's moves are instant death unless you have uber epic survival gears. The main idea is to strafe Ordrak in the small room (where the entrance is). Don't try to attack Ordrak yourself, let the traps do the job. If Ordrak stops to summon his minions, use web and splash attacks to take them out.

After a few tries you'll be able to find out the exact melee reach of Ordrak. Setting the pet to aggressive mode helps, but it will be constantly 'fleeing' from Ordrak. As your pet regains control, it will go back to Ordrak, buying you some time. Spray as many lightning and machine-gun traps as possible, and watch out for fireballs. It takes about 10~20 minutes of strafing to beat him.

Alchemist Tips[edit]

Using Skeleton Spam

The idea here is to surround Ordrak with skeletons and then chip away with a ranged spell. For this tip, it is recommended to use Summon Skeleton III, bound to a quick-slot, with Ember Lightning as the main weapon and Ember Strike to kill off the minions when surrounded.

Position yourself in the ante-chamber (where the entrance is) and fire off a bunch of skeletons (you have to wait three seconds each cast - this is fine). When you think you have enough, use lightning on Ordrak to wear him down, creating a skeleton every now and again. This is a fairly safe process: Ordrak will - very slowly - move closer to you so you will have to swap ends occasionally; if he gets to close, run past and repeat the process in the other direction. Do not go past the arch or you will die.

When, periodically, the minions arrive (Dragonkin and the little skeletons), focus on them rather than Ordrak (switching to Ember Strike as needed if they surround you), gather up any dropped potions and get ready for another round. You will need to replenish your skeletons who probably will have died down while you weren't paying attention.

Upon victory[edit]

After the fight, head to the northwest where a Waygate lies. Syl will appear and say,

Syl Syl
You have done so much for Torchlight, and for me. I cannot thank you enough my friend.

Head back to Torchlight through the Waygate.

Alchemist Alchemist
The Dark Ember... I do not yet understand it. Does it have any purpose now that Ordrak has been destroyed?

Ordrak harnessed the energy of an entire mountain of Ember, but he could never leave the focal point of his web. He was a prisoner of his own power, but was the Dark Ember meant to free him? That would mean it had the power to channel energy directly from the focal point.

Imagine it, the power of an entire mountain of Ember in the palm of my hand!

I have so much more to learn, I may not be leaving Torchlight for quite some time...

Destroyer Destroyer
I have defeated Ordrak, but his darkness still infests the Ember here. Can he truly be dead while his spirit runs through the veins?

This is not the end of the evils below Torchlight. I have grown stronger here, but the corruption of our age boils just beneath the surface. I must continue to hone my skills.

I will remain awhile in Torchlight and await the conflict yet to come.

Vanquisher Vanquisher
Destroying evil is its own reward, but I think I have earned a promotion for this victory. Although the Vanquishers are a secret order, my king will hear that I was responsible for Ordrak's defeat.

Soon I will return home, but there are still treasures below Torchlight that could aid us in the battles to come. I sense a tide of darkness will soon be upon us, I will be prepared to meet it.

You have officially completed the game, however you can continue to play the newly unlocked part of the game: Shadow Vault.