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TorchED (short for Torchlight Editor; previously named PrEditor) is the game's toolset that was released separately from the game. The developers released this application in hopes of providing the gaming community with the ability to create their own modifications and new games. New players are hoped to be gained through the continued development and support of this community.

Getting TorchED[edit]

TorchED was released on November 11, 2009 as a standalone application for most of Torchlight's distributions. It is also available through Steam under their "Tools" tab (you may have to own Torchlight to be eligible to download it). The Steam application reports disk usage of 2100Mb, whereas the standalone download comes in an installation package of about 380mb.

Standalone download

Starting TorchED[edit]

If you don't have a folder in your mods folder, this will appear.

When you first open TorchED you may be presented with some error messages and warnings.