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Alric Alric
- Remnant from Alric's Journal -

I've arrived in Torchlight and begun my exploration of the tunnels below. These mines are vast and aglow with Ember; I've never seen so rich a vein. Miners labor to extract it, and take no heed of my warnings.

I cannot blame them; I too could not resist the pull of Ember.

This Ember is the same as that which afflicts me. The taint within it resonates with the corruption in my bones. I can feel it so clearly now, blight springs from the depths and flows up through the veins.

To purge myself of this evil, I must find the source.

  • Floors: 1-4


Azure Gel[edit]

Purple translucence gel. There is a chance that they will send out an electrical jolt when they are hit.


A creature that looks like a normal chest. When you try open it, it springs to life. They have razor sharp teeth and are resistant to elemental attacks. They will drop a bunch of loot when killed.


A rat-like race. Normal ratlins are somewhat small. They have a backpack filled with blue crystals and carry a pickaxe; these will flee momentarily if one of their allies is killed nearby. Larger versions carry a two-handed mace and will not flee.

Ratlin Foreman[edit]

  • Extra-strong
  • Does not flee

Rock Troll[edit]

  • Knocks back foes
  • Immune to knockbacks

Shadow Recluse[edit]

A spider that spits poison at you.


A bat-like race. Their skin is purple and they are equipped with claws. Smaller versions will perform leaping attacks at their targets. Larger versions wear capes and equip staves; these cast spells.

Varkolyn Mage[edit]

Similar to the Varkolyn. They have a staff & a cloak. They are a ranged enemy and will cast spells to slow the attacker.

Fame Enemies[edit]


Floor 3

  • Slows (seeking spell)

Brink the Corrupted[edit]

Floor 5

  • Ember crystal attacks

Random Boss Enemies[edit]

Blackchurch the Overseer[edit]

Floor 2

  • Double-strength
  • Fast Attack
  • Resists Elemental attacks


Floor 2

  • Slows - seeking spells

Thak'guzun the Gnasher[edit]

Floor 2

  • Knocks back foes
  • Immune to knockback

Blackchurch the Overseer[edit]

Floor 3

  • Double-strength
  • Fast Attack
  • Resists Elemental attacks

Eyesmasher the Overload[edit]

Floor 3

  • Slows - seeking spells

Nightsmasher the Primordial[edit]

Floor 3

  • Knocks back foes
  • Knockback immune


Floor 3

  • Venomous bite


Floor 3

  • Venomous bite



Located on Floor 1


Traveling Merchant on Floor 2


Find Brink on the 2nd floor.

Brink Brink
Did Syl send you after me? She must have thought I was in over my head again. Well she's right, these monsters are getting stronger and I could use your help.

I'm going after the fiend that was attacking Syl on the bridge, will you join me?

Accept the quest. He will start following you. Proceed to the 4th floor.

Brink Brink
Now I have you! What have you done with Alric?
Alric Alric
I am here, Brink.

I sent for Syl - but I don't recall inviting you, or your friend. You may still prove useful, however...

Be still!

Brink gets changed into Brink the Corrupted. You must now kill him.

Syl Syl
Brink, no! What has happened!

Alas, my friend...

Syl Syl
You say this is Alric's doing? Then his summons was a trap - but why?

The corruption here must have overwhelmed his mind, I can't believe it's so powerful.

Yes, yes... I see it's touched you as well. Blight is spreading through you, and if we don't find a way to stop it you'll meet the same fate as Brink. I'm sorry I brought you into this, I'll do my best to cure you. Meet me in Tourchlight, and I'll tell you my plan.

Side Quests

Talk with Vasman for
Ember of Another Color.

Talk with Trill-Bot 4000 for
Battle Varkseer &
Weaithchewer the Ghastly.

Talk with Hatch for
Down the Hatch &
Truesilver Compass.

You have no choice but to accept the A Cure for Corruption quest. You have the option to use the Waygate to Town for Side Quests or you may proceed down the stairs to the Necropolis.