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Stuck in Walls[edit]

What is it? The player becomes trapped in map terrain not normally accessible. The player has no pathway to return to the regular game map.

Cause: Usually the player is hit by an enemy with knockback ability, this will send a player over a section of terrain and into an inaccessible area.

Solution: Open the Console, and type ASCEND. On a regular floor the player will be transported to a safe area in the floor above. If the player is in the first level of the Mines or is completing a special quest, then the player is transported to the town of Torchlight. This solution does not mark the player as a cheater.

Glyph(s) in Inventory[edit]

What is it? The player is saddled with one or more glyphs from Estherian Ruins and is unable to discard or sell them.

Cause: In the Estherian Ruins the player must collect Glyphs as a part of normal play. If the player returns to replay or complete quests, it is possible to pick up one or more glyphs that are no longer needed. The conditions to take the glyphs from the player's inventory no longer exist.

Solution 1: Do nothing. Carry them or have your pet carry them.

Solution 2: Some report success with putting the glyph(s) in the shared Stash and deleting the stash. Most report that glyphs can't be placed in either stash.

Solution 3: The most harsh and scariest solution is to grab the glyph with mouse as though the player plans to discard it. Press ESC, and then exit the game. Try to continue, the game will then crash. Restart the game. Steam will ask to update the save game online, say YES. The game will resume as normal with no glyph(s). Repeat as necessary.

Achievements Don't Register[edit]

What is it? The player completes an achievement and Steam doesn't report it.

Cause: Unknown. Appears to be a communications error between the game and Steam on Steam's side.

Solution: There isn't one. A Valve rep has been reported as saying the player should replay the game to trigger the achievement. Users report this is true of many games that use achievements on Steam and that Runic's programming is stable.