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Windows Action
PC Mouse.png Move the cursor.
PC Mouse Left Click.png Select menu items, move character to desired position, use left click assigned ability, target enemy or object, or click and drag inventory items.
PC Mouse Right Click.png Use right click assigned ability.
PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png Camera zoom in/out.
Tab Toggle between right click abilities.
10 Activate the ability assigned to the hotkey.
[ ] Automap zoom in/out.
+ - Camera zoom in/out.
Esc Pause (show game menu).
Space Pause (show character sheet and inventory panels, character close-up view).
F1F12 Bind hotkey to item that mouse is over, while spell foldout is open.
Enter Pauses game and shows a 360 degree view of your character.

Menu shortcuts[edit]

Windows Shortcut
A Automap toggle.
C Character sheet.
S Skills.
I Inventory.
P Pet sheet.
Q Quests.
J Journal.