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Transmutation is the process of turning items into other items (typically of greater power or value). To transmute, first talk with the NPC named Duran The Transmuter in Torchlight. The transmutation window displays four inventory slots and a transmute button. Place the ingredients, as listed in the recipes table below, into the inventory slots and press the transmute button. Transmutations are free.

Transmutation recipes
Ingredients Outcome
3 necklaces of the same rarity 1 new necklace of that rarity
3 rings of the same rarity 1 new ring of that rarity
Any 4 magic items 1 random cracked gem or 1 random dull gem
Any 4 rare items 1 random dull gem
Any 4 unique items 1 random gem
2 gems of the same type and level 1 next-level gem of that type
3 potions of the same type and level 1 next-level potion of that type
1 Blank's Teeth Necklace
1 Lefferts' Hands
1 Lefler's Right Eye
1 Tanwanteng's Left Eye
1 Strange Land Map
1 stack of 3 pieces Sushi Grade Fish Meat
1 rare belt
1 rare pistol
1 rare shield
1 Sushi Helm