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Alric Alric
- Remnant from Alric's Journal -

The miners chip their way down through the rock, unaware of the tombs below. When they finally break through, I hope they are wise enough to flee, collapsing their tunnels behind them.

This vault was rightly sealed; it was an experiment as ill-fated as my own. Their ancestors are animated not with life, but with the same dark energy that flows through the Ember veins. Separating out the vileness is impossible. Immortality lies forever beyond our reach.

I was a fool to think otherwise.

  • Floors: 5-8
  • Floor 5: Tomb of the Awakened
  • Floor 6: Lair of the Sisters
  • Floor 7: Lair of the Sisters
  • Floor 8: Overseer's Chamber

The Necropolis, also known as The Tomb of the Awakened, is the second area of the mountain that you reach.


Azure Gel[edit]

Purple translucence gel. There is a chance that they will send out an electrical jolt when they are hit.


Very similar to Rock Trolls, Constructs are large enemies that move very slowly. Has the ability to knock foes back. They should be out maneuvered and destroyed from a distance to avoid taking a significant amount of damage. Sometimes avoiding them is your best option.

Corrupted Shambler[edit]

  • Releases poison gas on death


Zombies; strangely, these can bleed. Some have a greenish cloud surrounding them; when these are killed, a poisonous gas cloud will spawn and expand for a few seconds before dissipating (note: the gas cloud spawns at the location of the zombie's death, not at the location of its corpse, in cases where it is knocked back or off a cliff when killed). If multiple poisonous zombies are killed near each other, the damage from their gas clouds can stack, so players on harder difficulties are encouraged to either kill a bunch at once and retreat or kill them one at a time to prevent high amounts of damage.

Grave diggers[edit]

Small enemies that run around and dig up undead enemies. If left alive, they will continue to uncover a large amount of enemies (unlimited?).

Grave Robber[edit]

  • Unearths Skeletons
  • Resists Electricity

Pale Shambler[edit]

  • Undead
  • Cannot be interupted

Rotted Chanter[edit]

  • Casts fireballs
  • Resurrects skeletons

Skeletal Archer[edit]

  • Undead

Skeletal Knight[edit]

  • Undead

Skeletal Warrior[edit]

  • Undead


  • Undead
  • Fast

Melee units that spawn during triggers where doors open on a platform above where your character is standing.


  • Transforms Zombies into Spectres
  • Can Teleport


Large arachnids. Some spit acid. If these appear during a trigger, they come out of sewer grates in the wall.


  • Undead

Fame Enemies[edit]



Traveling Merchant on Floor 6


Proceed to floor 6. Find and read The Keeper's Journal.

64px The Keeper's Journal
The council has ordered the necropolis sealed. I could purge the corruption from the awakened with a little more time, but they will not listen! They call the Ember's effect a curse and feign concern for the peaceful rest of our ancestors, but fear alone guides them!

If the council refuses to accept the blessing of eternal life, we will keep the Ember for ourselves. Woe to any who disturb our sanctuary.

64px Lady Marishka
Who dares interrupt our slumber?
64px Lady ???
Why, sister Marishka, it's a warrior who wishes to join the master's domain.
64px Lady Verona
Yes sisters, the master will be so grateful for the gift!

Proceed to the 8th floor. Find and kill the The Overseer.

Syl Syl
You've released the Overseer from his madness, now we can investigate his library.
Syl Syl
Ah, here are his notes...

He mentions searching for an Ember Forge in a Dwarven fortress much deeper in this mountain. He believed it would cleanse the corruption from his awakened ancestors.

I will return here another time to learn more, but this Ember Forge sounds promising. Come, let's go further down, we may not have much time.

Side Quests

Talk with Vasman for
The Shimmering Deep.

Talk with Trill-Bot 4000 for
Kelekubal &
Ogruin the Assassin.

Talk with Hatch for
Seal of the Overseer.

You have no choice but to accept the Esterian Remnants quest. You have the option to use the Waygate to Town for Side Quests or you may follow Syl down the stairs to the Estherian Ruins.