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Alric Alric
- Remnant from Alric's Journal -

The dwarves were consumed both from below and from within. Ordrak's minions assaulted the fortress, and his essence flowed through the Ember and turned them to his side. The remains of the battle are all around me, but my understanding comes from the Ember. He speaks to me through the veins, and I cannot shut my ears to his voice.

Despite his immense strength, Ordrak cannot leave the source of his immortality. His essence reaches out through the veins and corrupts without purpose.

Such power could transform the world, if only it were freed from this mountain.

  • Floors: 25-29

The Lost Fortress is the ancient Dwarf city that contains the Ember Forge.


  • Soulless Cutter
  • Dwarven Wight (These are awesome mutated zombie Dwarves, they sometimes ride in Mechanical Constructs)
  • Ember Thrall (Level 21 on normal; Undead - Fast; 6 mana drain on hit)
  • Deathwalker Battlemaster (Level 21 normal; Extra damage - Enrages Dwarven Wights)
  • Mechanical Construct (Level 21 normal; Chain gun attack - resists poison and electricity)
  • Watcher Geist (Level 24 normal; Casts poison bolts - Resurrects Dwarven Wights)
  • Cursed Sword (Level 22 normal; first appears on floor 26)
  • Crawler (Electrical Beam Attack - Resistant to ??; first appears on floor 28)
  • Skeleton (Level 21 normal): spawns from opened Kegs.


Lost Fortress - Floor 27

Ember Forge As you enter the center of the hallway that stretches to the northeast, Syl will appear and put you on the Ember forge. She starts it up and you get shackled by energy while Alric and Ordrak come and take Syl away.

Lost Fortress - Floor 29

There will be two levers and two Ballistae. Save the Ballistae, prepare for a boss fight, and hit the levers.



She can split into mirror images. Destroy them, then go for her. When using summons, its best not to corner her, or else all of your minions might not be able to reach her (decreasing your DPS).

Continue to the end of the room to reach the Waygate and the stairs down. But to where?