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Alric Alric
- Remnant from Alric's Journal -

Water pours from the ruins above and falls down into oblivion. These caverns are lost to time, primal. The Ember veins change as I descend- shifting colors, first hidden, then gleaming and glittering. It fascinates me now as it did when I was young.

Even the blight seems more pure here. My experiment may have succeeded if I had used Ember from deeper in the mountain, closer to the source. There is still the corruption of course, but with endless life that becomes a small matter.

Perhaps I will gain more here than I ever imagined.

  • Floors: 17-20


  • Thorned Striders from Estherian Ruins
  • Tu'Tara (2 melee types and a ranged type): Humanoid lizards equipped with light armor.
  • Mushroom tree monster (when approached, creates a field of poison on the ground around its target)



Ember Colossus

This beast fires projectiles everywhere and has a strong melee attack.