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Alric Alric
- Remnant from Alric's Journal -

For hours I could feel the heat building. The rock beneath my feet grew warm, and sulfur burned in my nostrils. As I squeezed through the crack in the rock I expected to see lava, but still I was unprepared.

The glow of bubbling rock blinded my cavern adjusted eyes, and when my vision cleared I saw what I at first took to be a fortress. I now know it to be a prison, set upon pillars of rock in a molten sea.

Who could build such a thing? What could require such extreme incarceration? I am grateful that both prisoners and wardens have long since turned to dust.

  • Floors: 21-24

The Molten Prison is an area filled with crumbling ruins, hordes of goblins, and a sea of lava.


  • Goblin Stabber: A melee unit covered in armor. More powerful than the Tu'Tara melee enemies.
  • Goblin Hunter: Fires a barrage of arrows that land, then explode after a few seconds.
  • Goblinhound: Small green dog-like creatures. Can perform a fiery dash. Use knockback effects to cancel their attack.
  • Crazed Goblin: Small goblin with 2 powder kegs on his back. Explodes a few seconds after reaching the character.
  • Goblin Chanter: Casts fireballs and resurrects fallen goblins.
  • Goblin Healer: Heals units around it.
  • Troll: large green brutes. Upgraded versions of the Rock Troll and Constructs.
  • Troll Juggernaut: Large orange brutes. More durable than the Trolls.
  • Burrower: Small blue bug-like creature. Can release bolts of electricity in all directions.
  • Specter: Tall, hooded ghost that can resurrect skeletons as fellow specters. Can also teleport a short distance to avoid damage.


  • Horn: rotates a nearby wooden bridge into place to access a hidden area.



Krag has eight Trollmasters (unique goblin spell casters) that shield and heal Krag. Despite this, Krag can be killed first if you can dish out enough DPS.