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Box artwork for Torchlight.
Developer(s)Runic Games
Publisher(s)Perfect World Entertainment
Latest version1.15
Release date(s)
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Mac OS icon.png
Mac OS
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Genre(s)Action, RPG
System(s)Windows, Mac OS, Xbox Live Arcade
Mode(s)Single player
Followed byTorchlight II
WebsiteOfficial site
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TwitchTorchlight Channel
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Torchlight is an action role-playing game by Runic Games. The game was released for Windows on October 27, 2009, on May 12, 2010 for Mac OS X and on September 19, 2012 for Linux.

The fantasy-themed game is set in the fictional town of Torchlight and the expansive caverns and dungeons nearby, which adventurers explore to collect valuable loot and battle hordes of monsters.

Development of the game is led by Travis Baldree, designer of Fate, and Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer, co-designers of Diablo and Diablo II, joined by the team that developed Mythos.

Adventurers explore the dungeons below the mining town of Torchlight, seeking treasure and Ember, a mysterious ore which has the power to create enchanted items. However, Ember also has a corrupting influence which led to the fall of past civilizations and endangers those who use it in the present. The player character delves into the dungeon, discovering that it's a "layer cake of ruined civilizations" and uncovering a plot which threatens their world.

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