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Side Quests
Available side quests are noted in side bars.

The walkthrough for Torchlight takes you through the linear progression of the game. You begin by getting acquainted with your class and Torchlight, and then you will dive deep into the depths of the dungeons that provide the challenges and perils that await you.

Each tier of the dungeon encompasses several levels that share common enemies, areas, threats, and objects.

Aside from the introduction to the game (noted below), each section of the walkthrough details new threats, plot developments, and secrets.

Class introductions[edit]

When you begin the game, your class will have a specific dialogue:

Alchemist Alchemist
Ember is the essence of magic, the keystone of my art. For my kind, Torchlight is a beacon, a place of power, the largest cache of Ember ever found. I had heard nothing of the troubles afflicting that place.

I came only to serve my own ends, but I was lost as soon as I set foot in Torchlight. The evil gathering there swallowed me, and I may never break free of it entirely.

The mines are dark, and below that, the blackness is impossible to describe. There is power beyond imagining, but the price is so very high.

Destroyer Destroyer
I have always been a wanderer. I have roamed these lands for as long as I can remember, but my blades always lead me back to conflict.

When I heard of the evils befalling Torchlight, I returned from the wilderness. Tales of madness - townsfolk slain, or missing... and a darkness, rising from the deep. It was inevitable that I was drawn to this place - my blades would not be still. So, I made the long journey.

I arrived at sunset, and while things at first seemed simple, I did not know then the shadows I would face, and the terrible power gathering far below the surface.

I would discover them in time...

Vanquisher Vanquisher
The disturbances in Torchlight were more severe than I'd expected - though I must admit I felt a bit relieved. Petty assignments often signal the end of a Vanquisher's career.

I came to restore the flow of Ember - but the darkness below Torchlight ran far deeper than the mines.

It would be a test of both my skill and conviction. Evil must be torn out at its root, and this one had buried itself deeply.

The town of Torchlight[edit]

Side Quest
Talk with Vasman for
The Gleaming Ember.

When you begin the game, you'll be able to walk through Torchlight at your leisure. After becoming accustomed to the NPCs and the minimap, make your way to the left side of the zone to see the initial cutscene.

Aid Brink[edit]

As you approach the entrance to the Orden Mines at the west end of Torchlight, you'll encounter a warrior fighting some monsters:

Brink Brink
Help or stay out of the way!

As you continue a little more to the west, you'll encounter the mage he's accompanying and a short cutscene will play:

Syl Syl
Brink! Over here! I can't hold them back much longer -
Brink Brink
You alright Syl? Rest here awhile, I'm going ahead to finish the job.

As Brink continues west and enters the mines, Syl speaks to you:

Syl Syl
It's no wonder Master Alric sent for my help, the Ember mines are overrun with these creatures. His letter was urgent, but I had no idea how dire things had become.

I am Syl, and that was my companion, Brink. We've only just arrived in Torchlight, and it looks like we're going to need some help. You look capable, and I can pay you well. Please, catch up to Brink before he gets himself killed.

You have no choice but to accept this quest, then follow Brink into the mines.