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Torchlight's console gives players, testers, and the developers an easy way to test and modify the game without making a new build. You can alter the game's difficulty, your characters stats, current zone, and many other things using the console.

To access the console, you must first alter the Settings.txt file in your %appdata% torchlight folder. This may not work on your version of the game, depending on which distributor you purchased it through.

To reach the Torchlight folder
  • In Windows Vista, navigate to C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight.
  • For any version of Windows, from either the run prompt or the search bar (click on the start button) type %appdata% and press Enter to reach the roaming folder. Find the runic games folder, then the torchlight folder.
  • in linux : ~/.runicgames/Torchlight
  • Note: The settings.txt does not exist until after you run the game for the first time.
Modifying Settings.txt

Open the file, Settings.txt, using a text editor (i.e. Notepad) and change the "Console :0" line to "Console :1". Save and close the file.

Start the game. When you have control of your character, press the following simultaneously to bring up the console (this will zoom in and pause the game; bringing up the console in the bottom left hand corner of the screen; you can drag the window, and open menus like normal):

  • American English keyboard: Shift and ~
  • British English keyboard: Shift and #
  • Norwegian keyboard: Shift and Ø
  • German keyboard: Shift and ö
  • Portuguese keyboard: Shift and ç

To close the console, either press the red "X" icon at the top right, or press Esc.


The following commands are not case sensitive, but are listed in all caps as shown in game.

  • AIFREEZE: toggles monster AI on or off.
  • ASCEND: teleport to the start of the zone one floor above your location.
  • DESCEND: teleport to the start of the zone one floor bellow your location.
  • CLS: clears all text from the console.
  • DAMAGE SHAPES: toggles damage shapes (what are these?) on or off.
  • DISABLEPET: disables/enables the player's pet.
  • FPS: toggles the following information to appear on screen: FPS, version, room filename, level seed, level depth, Active Units / Missiles, triangle, batch, Mesh Bytes, Meshes, Materials, Texture Bytes, Particle Cache Count, Particles Updating / Rendering, Particle Systems Created / Updating, Particle Techniques Created / Updating, Particle Emitters Created, and Particle Affectors Created / Updating.
  • GOD: toggles "god mode" (invulnerability and one hit kills).
  • GODSPEED: toggles both GOD and SPEED commands.
  • HELP: displays a list of commands.
  • LEVELUP: increases XP to next level.
  • MONEY #: gives money in the amount entered.
  • PATHING: toggles pathing debug display (paths appear as white, vertical planes that denote where objects are moving).
  • PLAYERNOTARGET: toggles monsters to not target the player.
  • RELOAD: reloads textures (may crash your game).
  • ROOM: displays the filename and path that corresponds to the room that the player is in.
  • SPEED: toggles additional speed for the character.
  • STRENGTH #: gives you the amount specified in Strength.
  • DEXTERITY #: gives you the amount specified in Dexterity.
  • MAGIC #: gives you the amount specified in Magic.
  • DEFENSE #: gives you the amount specified in Defense.
  • ALLSTATS #: gives you the amount specified in to all stats.
  • FAME #: gives fame in amount entered.
  • SKILL: display the list of skill numbers and names.
  • SKILL NAME/#: gives you a specified amount of skill points for the skill that you name.
  • SKILLPOINTS #: gives you the amount specified in skillpoints.
  • IDENTIFYALL: identifies all items in the inventory (as of 1.12, this does not work for items in the pet inventory).
  • ITEM: display the list of item numbers and names.
  • ITEM ####: places the specified item into your inventory (e.g. for Perfect skull, type item 2627).

Item values[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Item index.
Number Item
2627 Perfect Skull
2955 Basket
2956 Crypt Large Urn
2957 Explosive Barrel
2958 Keg
2959 palace_large_urn_01
2960 SmallUrn1
2961 SmallUrn2
2962 Stemple_Urn