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Image Name Buying Price Sell Price Source HHA Theme Colors Style Size Notes
Blue Corner 6,800 1,700 Spotlight Item/Wishy None Blue/White Sporty 2x2 Bed
Boxing Barricade 1,050 262 T&T Store None Blue (x2) Sporty 1x1
Boxing Mat 1,180 295 T&T Store None Blue (x2) Sporty 2x1
Judge's Bell 1,790 447 T&T Store None Yellow/Brown Sporty 1x1 Usable
Neutral Corner 5,500 1,375 T&T Store None White (x2) Sporty 2x2 Bed
Red Corner 6,800 1,700 T&T Store None Red/White Sporty 2x2 Bed
Ringside Table 1,320 330 T&T Store None Brown (x2) Sporty 2x1 Table
Sandbag 3,190 797 T&T Store None Red/Gray Sporty 1x1
Speed Bag 2,990 747 T&T Store None Blue/Gray Sporty 1x1
Weight Bench 3,590 897 T&T Store None Black (x2) Sporty 2x1 Bed


None of the furniture in the Boxing Theme can be refurbished.