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The Happy Home Academy or HHA is a housing association that rates players' houses. One of its representatives is Lyle, who works as a consultant at Nook's Homes. The HHA is unlocked once the player has upgraded from the tent to a house. The player will receive a letter from the Happy Home Academy in their mailbox.


The Happy Home Academy, formerly known as the Happy Room Academy, is an organization that rates the houses of its members. A villager is automatically registered as a member once they get a house. To encourage members to improve their homes, the Happy Home Academy offers exclusive gifts to members that reach certain score milestones. Every town has a HHA representative, which will give members information about their score and advice on improving their rating. Finally, the HHA also runs the Happy Home Showcase, where members can examine the interior design of members from other towns, as well as order furniture they find in the model houses at a price slightly higher than normal.


Theme Challenges[edit]


Picture Prize Value HHA Score Type
ACNL HHAtee.png HHA tee 100 10,000 Clothing
ACNL HHApennant.png HHA pennant 1,800 20,000 Wall Item
ACNL HHAjacket.png HHA jacket 100 30,000 Clothing
ACNL HHAsilverplaque.png Silver HHA Plaque 1,800 50,000 Ornament
ACNL HHAgoldplaque.png Gold HHA Plaque 1,800 70,000 Ornament
ACNL HHAsilvertrophy.png Silver HHA Trophy 1,800 90,000 Ornament
ACNL HHAgoldtrophy.png Gold HHA Trophy 1,800 100,000 Ornament
File:ACNL HHAhousemodel.png Gold House Model 1,800 150,000 Ornament
Golden Roof 5,200 300,000 Exterior
Golden Exterior 5,600 500,000 Exterior
Arched Golden Door 4,000 700,000 Exterior
Golden Fence 3,500 900,000 Exterior
Golden Mailbox 3,600 1,100,000 Exterior

Happy Home Showcase[edit]

The Happy Home Showcase is available once you join the HHA at Nook's Homes. It's located on Main Street opposite the train tracks. Digby is found standing outside and will escort you into the showcase area.

Viewing different homes.

The Happy Home Showcase contains the homes of players that you meet via StreetPass. The Showcase can hold 48 homes altogether, as you meet more players the older homes will be replaced unless you mark a home as a favourite. Only 16 homes can be marked as favourite and will be displayed on the map with a pink heart lock.

New homes appear as yellow on the map and homes that have been updated (meaning you have passed the player more than once and they have made changes to their home since the last meeting) will appear with a yellow outline.

You are not able to move or interact with the furniture in the homes but you can order up to five items per day. This can be helpful to complete certain furniture series or collections. You can only order items that would normally be available through the catalogue at the Nookling's shop. Task rewards, Prizes, Insects, Fish and Flowers cannot be ordered.

If you meet a player more than once they will appear with an item. When you speak to them they will give it to you as a gift. There are 9 items altogether starting on your second meeting, on your 11th meeting the gifts will restart from the beginning.

The player with 6 StreetPass guests.
  • Balloon
  • Balloon
  • Pinwheel
  • Bunny Balloon
  • Bubble Blower
  • Heart Ballon
  • Ice Cream
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream
  • Tweeter