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Image Name Buying Price Sell Price Source HHA Theme Colors Style Size Notes
Backyard Pool 990 247 T&T Store None Aqua (x2) Sporty 4x2
Barbecue 1,760 240 T&T Store None Red (x2) Sporty 1x1
Birdbath 1,450 362 T&T Store None Green (x2) Cute 1x1
Birdhouse 1,620 405 T&T Store Rustic Brown (x2) Cute 1x1
Bird Feeder 1,260 315 T&T Store None Brown/White Cute 1x1
Bug Zapper 1,200 300 T&T Store None Blue (x2) Cute 1x1
Garden Gnome 3,380 845 Spotlight Item/Wishy None Red/Orange Cute 1x1 Refurbishable
Hammock 1,320 330 T&T Store Rustic Purple (x2) Cute 2x1 Bed, refurbishable
Lawn Chair 1,180 295 T&T Store None Aqua/Gray Cute 1x1 Chair, refurbishable
Lawn Mower 2,760 690 T&T Store None Red (x2) Iconic 1x1
Mr.Flamingo 1,530 382 T&T Store None Pink (x2) Cute 1x1
Mrs.Flamingo 1,530 382 T&T Store None Pink (x2) Cute 1x1
Picnic Table 1,390 347 T&T Store None Red/Brown Cute 4x2 Refurbishable
Sprinkler 1,640 410 T&T Store None Yellow (x2) Sporty 1x1
Tiki Torch 870 217 T&T Store Rustic Red/Brown Sporty 1x1


Four of the furniture in the Mossy Garden Theme can be refurbished by Cyrus.

Garden Gnome[edit]


Lawn Chair[edit]

Picnic Table[edit]