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Each Villager falls into one of eight personality types. These types can help you figure out what things the animals like and enjoy. This will help make friendships quicker and can also unlock certain Public Works Projects.





Jock villagers, as you might expect, are sports nuts. They can almost always be seen outdoors exercising and training. Conversations with them rarely stray from sports. Due to their active and friendly nature, they get along quite well with other villagers, but might occasionally end up in conflict with Lazy villagers, who prefer the completely opposite lifestyle.








This is the list of villagers that can move in or out of your town. You can have up to ten villagers in your town; once your tenth villager moves in, villagers will start to move out. Villagers will let you know when they are moving, however, if you talk to them frequently and send letters to them, they won't move. And eventually give you there picture. If you don't talk to them, they will eventually move.

Name Catchphrase Personality Animal Birthday Coffee Picture Quote Gender
Walker wuh Lazy Dog June 10th Mocha, Regular amount, Two spoonfuls of sugar The dog wags his tail, not for you, but for your bread. Male
Walt pockets Cranky Kangaroo April 24th Blue Mountain, A little milk, One spoonful of sugar Take the good with the bad. Male
Wart Jr. grr-ribbit Cranky Frog August 21st Blue Mountain, Regular milk, Two spoonfuls of sugar Age before beauty. Male
Wendy lambskin Peppy Sheep August 15th House blend, Regular amount, Two spoonfuls of sugar Every cloud has a silver lining. Female
Whitney snappy Snooty Wolf September 17th Mocha, Little milk, One spoonful of sugar Don't cry wolf unless you mean it. Female
Willow bo peep Snooty Sheep November 26th Mocha, No milk, No sugar You can't fight your genes. Female
Winnie hay-OK Peppy Horse January 31st Mocha, A little milk, One spoonful of sugar. Smile, and the world smiles with you. Female
Wolfgang snarrrl Cranky Wolf November 25th Blend, Lots of milk, Three spoonfuls of sugar Don't be afraid to show your fangs. Male
Yuka tsk tsk Snooty Koala July 20th Kilamanjaro, Lots of milk, Three spoonfuls of sugar Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Female
Zell pronk Smug Deer June 7th Blend, A little milk, One spoonful of sugar. Clothes totally make the man. Male
Zucker bloop Lazy Octopus March 8th Kilamanjaro, A little bit, One spoonful of sugar There's no such thing as luck. Male