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There are two bike stores in the game, in Bullworth Town and Old Bullworth Vale. They're part of the Shiny Bikes chain, and both sell the same bikes.

Both stores also have a garage that holds the last bike (or scooter) you bought and the newest BMX you unlocked in Shop class. In addition, there's a basic BMX in the bike rack outside the store at all times.


Bullworth Town[edit]

  • As you are coming into Bullworth Town via the bridge leading north from Bullworth Academy, you will see the red garage door on the west corner. On that same corner is the bike store.

Old Bullworth Vale[edit]

  • As you are traveling from Bullworth Academy along the south road adjacent to the beach, stop on the T-intersection just before you enter the tunnel and turn left so that you are facing north. Along the row of shops on the right corner you will see the bike shop.

Bikes for sale[edit]

Bike Description Cost Speed Acceleration Handling
Mountain Bike The mountain bike handles better off-road than on tarmac. $35 5 4 3
Racer Good for bike races, speed is higher but handling is horrible. $15 5 5 3
Aquaberry Cruiser Prep bike, good in all areas. $25 5 5 4