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Bully: Scholarship Edition
Box artwork for Bully: Scholarship Edition.
Developer(s)Mad Doc Software
Publisher(s)Rockstar Games
Release date(s)
PlayStation 2 icon.png PlayStation 2
Xbox 360 icon.png Wii icon.png Xbox 360, Wii
Windows icon.png Windows
PlayStation 4 icon.png PlayStation 4
Android icon.png IOS icon.png Android, iOS
System(s)PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, Windows, PS4, iOS, Android
ModesSingle player, multiplayer
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
BBFC: BBFC 15.png 15
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Bully: Scholarship Edition is a re-release of Bully for the PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, Windows, PS4, iOS and Android

Both versions contained new missions and subjects on top of all the original PlayStation 2 version content and two player mini-games; additionally, the Wii version implemented motion controls into gameplay in many situations.

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