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With the entire school under his control, things look like they're going to be plain sailing for Jimmy Hopkins and the rest of Bullworth Academy's students. There's no in-fighting between groups anymore, but Pete's still worried that Gary's got something planned.

Cheating Time (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Car Park
  • Rewards: $60

Mr. Galloway's still drinking, much to Jimmy's disappointment. Complaining about life's unfairness, the English teacher lets slip that the math teacher Mr. Hattrick is selling test answers to his richer students. Jimmy agrees to catch Hattrick in the act, hoping to get rid of the main source of Mr. Galloway's stress.

Head into the autoshop area, and go through the first building. Climb the ladder just outside the door, and take out your camera before entering the glowing circle. Justin, one of the preppies, will show up to sell tests to the greasers - take a photo of him in the act and you'll be a third of the way to pinning Hattrick.

Head to the pool next, either via the gym or by going directly into the pool building. At the back of the room, to the right of the diving board, there's a set of steps up to the audience stands. Take out your camera again, and snap a photo of Justin selling tests to Mandy and Casey.

From here, you've got to follow the preppie - jumping down out of the stands won't harm you too badly, so do that and follow him out the door.

Directly to the right of the pool door there's a ladder. Climb it to the first level, and from there jump into the garden next to the building to see Hattrick collect his fee. Take a photo of him with Justin, and you've got all the evidence you'll need.

Hop over the fence down to the area beside the pool and head to the carpark to see Galloway. He's being cornered by Dr. Crabblesnitch and Hattrick, who's trying to get the English teacher fired for drinking again. Jimmy shows up in the nick of time to distract the headmaster, and Hattrick gets fired instead.

Note: If you didn't finish Math in Scholarship Edition, Hattrick'll be still there until you finish all the tests.

Making a Mark[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Boys' Dorm
  • Rewards: Townie respect + 25 (=25); Nerd/Preppy/Greaser/Jock respect all -75 (=25). (Bully respect stays 100.)

Pete seems to have something important to say, but Jimmy's too busy basking in adoration to take any notice. Derby has the great idea to paint a massive slogan on City Hall, to make sure that the whole of Bullworth Town knows who's in charge.

You can run, skateboard or cycle to City Hall, whichever you prefer. As you leave Bullworth Academy, take the road to the right over the bridge. City Hall is straight ahead of you as you come off the bridge.

You've got to climb to the top - there's an access ladder around the back. Go up the stairs and around to the right to find it. Climb up and head over to the right - you'll see another ladder. Up that, you'll see a third ladder on the wall to the right. Climb that and you'll be right at the top - take out your spraypaint by walking up to the tagging icon and pressing Triangle button, then tagging as normal.

With that done, a second icon will appear - tag it and the third to complete the entire slogan. You won't get to escape before it's noticed though - the police show up and your trouble meter fills immediately.

To prove your exploits, you've got to photograph the tag from the street, but that's not easy with the cops around. The trouble meter doesn't begin to empty until you're back on the ground, so climb down and avoid the cops until the meter empties. Once you're free, return to City Hall and take the photo.

Return to Jimmy's dorm room in Bullworth Academy with the photo. Pete's waiting for you, but he's not bringing good news - all of a sudden, everyone in the school has it in for Jimmy. It seems reasonable to suspect Gary's behind it, but Pete's not about to stick around.

Rats in the Library[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Library, 8am–9pm
  • Rewards: $30, Nerd respect +15 (=40)
  • Requires: completed Making a Mark

The library's been overrun with rats, and the nerds are pointing their fingers at Jimmy. To get them off his back, Jimmy offers to clear the rodent problem.

Inside the library, there are 20 rats for you to kill within the time limit. The slingshot works best; target the rats with L1 button and you should be able to hit them even when they're moving. Any strength of a shot will kill a rat. When it comes down to the last few, it might get hard to find the remaining rodents, so look for the marks on your radar that indicate their position.

With the rats all taken care of, Mrs. Carvin tells Jimmy that she thinks the rats got into the library in a shipping container that the latest order of books arrived in.

The Gym is Burning[edit]

  • Starts: Near Bullworth Academy Gym, 8am–9pm
  • Rewards: $30, Jock respect +15 (=40)
  • Requires: completed Making a Mark

The gym is on fire, and Mr. Burton blames Jimmy, accusing him of holding a grudge after Hopkins didn't make the team. The police are on their way, but the jocks are too scared to try helping their teammates trapped in the burning gym, so it's up to Jimmy to redeem himself by saving the stranded jocks.

There are three students trapped - Kirby, Mandy and Juri. Your first task is to put out all the fires, with the extinguisher on the wall near the stairs down to the changing rooms. When you put out the fire next to her, Mandy will get up and run to the exit of the gym.

You've got to use Triangle button to raise the bars that've fallen on Kirby; when he's freed he'll also leave the gym. Finally, save Juri - tap Triangle button to raise the fallen scoreboard, and then put out the fire that starts after the light falls to the ground.

Before she leaves the gym, Mandy will tell Jimmy that the arsonist is still in the gym. You can find him by going down into the girls' changing rooms, but he pushes his way past Jimmy and makes his escape.

Finding Johnny Vincent[edit]

This is similar to the optional mission "Galloway Away" except the orderlies are less crowded than before.

  • Starts: Entrance to New Coventry, 8am–11pm
  • Rewards: $30; Greaser respect +25 (=50)
  • Requires: completed both The Gym is Burning and Rats in the Library

The greasers' leader has disappeared, and they've taken a break from blaming Lola to pick on Jimmy. Rumors say that Johnny's been committed to the Happy Volts Asylum, and to get a break from the accusations Jimmy agrees to find Johnny.

The quickest way to the asylum from here is through the Blue Skies estate. From the entrance to New Coventry, take the first right and follow the road past the bike park, then take the right once you see the Blue Skies sign. Follow the main road through the estate to the south, then turn right at the main industrial complex. Follow the road around to the left and the tunnel to Happy Volts is on your right.

Go down to the back of the asylum compound and climb the tree to get over the fence, then drop in and use R3 button to crouch. Sneak past the orderlies and get through the front door. If you need help navigating the asylum, you can check the asylum map - Johnny's in the cell marked "2".

Inside the asylum, you'll want to start crouched, as there are several orderlies who patrol the facility. The first is in an inaccessible corridor on your right - stick close to that wall as you move towards the door to avoid being seen. Go straight through the next room, and use the pillars in the first cell block as cover to keep out of sight. There are also a couple of laundry bins in this area that you can use to hide in.

Go through the door at the far end, and straight through the little room into a large recreation room, with a guard sitting watching TV near the window in front of you. Take the door on the right side, but be careful not to be seen here; stick close to the left-hand wall to avoid detection, and head through the door straight ahead.

Johnny's cell is in the far right corner; use the pillars as cover as in the first block, and make your way to the cell door. Johnny will tell you that the door locks will have to be released by a guard; you've got to find a way to get to the switch. Head to the laundry room, marked "3" on the asylum map.

Head back down the cell block and take the door right beside the block entrance, to the right of the door as you come from Johnny's cell. Along that corridor, you'll come to the shower room, with an orderly patrolling clockwise around the central partition. Use the partition as cover to make it to the door at the far end, which leads into the laundry room. Inside, you'll find an orderly uniform - pick it up and Jimmy will change into it automatically. You can now walk around the asylum normally, without being caught and thrown out by the real orderlies.

Head back towards Johnny's cell, and walk up to the wire mesh with the orderly behind it on the wall opposite the main entrance to the cell block. Jimmy will offer to take over his shift, and the orderly will leave. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to release Johnny - go through the small door to the right of the mesh screen, and flip the switch with Triangle button.

With the door open, Johnny will follow you - you've just got to get out. Head back towards the front door, but as you pass through the recreation room, security shutters will close over all three doors. The shutter to the west wing is a little damaged though, so run up to it and tap Triangle button to lift it, allowing you access to the door. Head straight through the west cell block and take the last door on the right. Follow the corridor to the end, and go through the door on the left. The only door left is the rear exit, which will deposit Jimmy and Johnny outside the asylum.

Johnny grudgingly thanks Jimmy for his help, and promises to keep the greasers off his back, at least for now.

Revenge on Mr. Burton[edit]

  • Starts: Zoe's house, Blue Skies Estate, 8am–7pm
  • Rewards: $30
  • Requires: completed Finding Johnny Vincent

Zoe is an ex-student of Bullworth Academy, kicked out of the school for complaining about the unwanted attention from overbearing gym teacher Mr. Burton. As a result, she's keen for some payback and Jimmy is more than willing to help out on that front.

First up, Zoe's plan needs some bolt cutters. You can find a set in the alleyway behind the Spazz Industries building in Bullworth Town, near the Yum Yum Market. With the tools in hand, head to the park in Old Bullworth Vale - use the entrance on the park's east side, near the bus stop. Zoe's standing at the top of the hill; if you keep your distance for a second, this is a good place to get her picture for the yearbook.

Zoe's plan is to shove Burton off the hill in the public lavatory here, but that means you need to make sure he uses this one. You've got to destroy all the other portaloos before Burton finishes his run. All three are marked with a yellow x on your radar; just lay into them with some punches and the door will fall off. This counts as vandalism though, and if you get spotted by any police or even Burton, you'll be chased.

Head back up the hill to see Zoe once all three are out of commission, to see Mr. Burton enter the single remaining portaloo. Jump onto the handily-located lawnmower with Triangle button and ram the portaloo with it to send the gym teacher tumbling over the railing.

Preppies Vandalized[edit]

  • Starts: Old Bullworth Vale Boxing Club, 8am–11pm
  • Rewards: $30; Prep respect +15 (=40), Townie respect -25 (=0)
  • Requires: completed Revenge on Mr. Burton

Derby's boxing trophies have been stolen and, convinced that the greasers are responsible, the preppies are readying their war machine to roll over New Coventry. Jimmy's not convinced that Johnny Vincent's gang is behind the theft though, and manages to buy some time to figure out who's really responsible.

The greasers you need to speak to are hanging out in New Coventry, in an alleyway near the entrance to the Blue Skies estate. They deny having anything to do with the robbery, and Vance tells Jimmy that the townies are behind the whole thing.

The townies are in a warehouse near Zoe's house in Blue Skies, but they'll not be too keen to see Jimmy poking around. Once you're inside the warehouse, use R3 button to crouch, and sneak to the back of the shipping warehouse, using the shelves and boxes as cover. Climb the stairs and take out your camera, to get a photo of the townies putting rats in a box of books destined for the Bullworth Academy library.

You've got to be very careful here, though; if the townies see you they'll chase you out, forcing you to come in for another attempt. The best method is to stand up with your camera equipped and press Up dpad to enter the viewfinder. Move slowly out from behind the crates with Neutral lstick and take the photo as soon as you've got a clean shot.

The townies will then clear out of the warehouse to go to some kind of meetup at the docks, which sounds like it might be worthwhile spying on. Before you leave, if you missed any of the headstones over Hallowe'en, they're sitting stacked up in one corner of the warehouse at the same end as the entrance.

The entrance to the docks is beside the front door of the warehouse, on your left just as you exit. As you go down the pier, keep an eye out for a gap on the left that you can climb up and jump onto the higher level before continuing on in the same direction as before. As you approach the end of the pier you'll see the townies set fire to Derby's trophies on one of the barges. Take a photo of them with the fire, and you've got the evidence you came for.

To get back to the preppies' gym without having to travel all the way through Blue Skies, New Coventry and Bullworth Town, you can just jump into the water and swim southwest; there's a small beach at the Bullworth Academy end of the bridge to Bullworth Town that you can use to get back to the school. From there you can just run or skateboard to the boxing club, or take a detour into the school to grab a bike.

Back at the gym, Derby doesn't believe that the townies could possibly be behind the break-in at their club, and refuses to even look at Jimmy's photos.

Smash It Up (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Zoe's house, Blue Skies Estate, 7pm–11pm
  • Requires: completed Revenge on Mr. Burton
  • Rewards: $60

Zoe's bored, and Jimmy's suggestions of a good time don't appeal to her. Instead, she decides to have a bit of fun at the Spencer Shipping warehouse nearby and invites Jimmy along for a competition.

Follow Zoe south to the Spencer Shipping warehouse - it's the same one as in Preppies Vandalized. Inside, Zoe reveals her plan: she and Jimmy will try to smash as much stuff as possible in the time limit, and whoever causes the most damage wins.

While the stuff on the ground floor isn't worth as much as some of the things upstairs, taking out as much of it as possible is a worthwhile tactic just to stop Zoe racking up some easy money. Some of the wooden items will leave a plank behind that you can use as a weapon against other valuables. It's also worthwhile to hold Triangle button when hitting the merchandise, as you'll cause more a little more damage that way.

When you've gotten as much as you can on the ground floor, either take the stairs and walk across the planks, or find a ladder downstairs, to get onto the shelving units. The most expensive things are at the far end, but take out everything as you work your way along. Some of the art pieces have a couple of different levels of damage, and when they look broken there's still some more money to be gotten.

When the timer runs out, Jimmy meets Zoe back on the ground floor near the door to compare their scores. If you did more damage than Zoe, she'll give you your reward and leave; otherwise, you've got to repeat the mission.

Go See the Principal[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Principal's Office, 8am–7pm
  • Requires: completed Preppies Vandalized

When you wake up, Ms. Danvers will get on the PA system and order you to go to the office.

Dr. Crabblesnitch is fed up of hearing bad news about Jimmy Hopkins, and has decided that the boy is not the sort of student Bullworth Academy needs. Jimmy's harsh criticisms of the school's ethos don't endear him to the Principal, and Jimmy is expelled from the school.

As a result, you're no longer allowed to wear the school uniform and cannot attend any more classes. Jimmy's dorm room is still available to save, sleep and for the chemistry set and other ammo.

Whilst Go See the Principal is available, other tasks cannot be started and don't appear on your Available Tasks list. They become available again after 7pm or after you see the Principal.

Townies Challenge (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Townie Hangout, Blue Skies Estate, 8am–12:45pm
  • Rewards: Townie hangout unlocked
  • Requires: completed Finding Johnny Vincent

The townie hangout is near the entrance to the Happy Volts tunnel, and contains ammo, a wardrobe, a save book, a bed and a Future Street Race 2165 arcade machine.

To unlock this location, you've got to defeat the dropouts who currently use the hangout. When you first enter there are three of them, and three more will come in through the side and rear doors when you defeat them.

Busting In Part I[edit]

  • Starts: In front of boys dorm, before 11pm
  • Requires: completed Go See the Principal

Petey and Jimmy are trading sob stories; Pete's not able to fit in thanks to Jimmy's reputation, and Gary is making things as difficult as possible for Jimmy. Pete manages to convince Jimmy to keep fighting the good fight, but Jimmy's going to need backup from the one person who doesn't hate him yet: Russell.

Russell's at home; his house is at the southeast corner of the retirement home at the north end of Old Bullwoth Vale. There's no sign of the bully leader outside though; walk into the glowing circle to start a cutscene. Jimmy hammers on the garage door, and Russell opens them up to reveal his (presumably stolen) police motorbike and a scooter for Jimmy.

Climb on the scooter with Triangle button, and accelerate with Cross button. You've got to follow Russell, but beware the police, who'll try to catch you for riding without a helmet unless you've had the foresight to keep one on.

Russell's route takes him around the south side of the retirement home heading east, then south at the t-junction and down the hill. At the bottom, turn left then take a right at the boxing club before heading left again, over the bridge and past the entrance to Bullworth Academy. Follow the road into Bullworth Town, then take a right into New Coventry; right again, past the bike park then turn right once more to head into the Blue Skies Estate. Follow that road straight ahead to the end, and you'll see Russell's novel way of breaking down the barrier into the townies hideout in the chemical plant.

Busting In Part II[edit]

  • Starts: Automatically, or outside Blue Skies Chemical Plant

Jimmy wants to talk to the townie leader, Edgar. Zoe will help Jimmy get through the chemical plant to find him, but first Jimmy needs to get the power restored after Russell's entrance damaged the generators.

There are two breakers that need to be reset; to get to the first one head into the caged area on the left. Take out the two townies—your spud gun is indispensable in the chemical plant—and head up the steps between the generators to flip the switch. As you're coming down the stairs, on the right there's a pylon that's fallen over. Press R3 button to crouch, and crawl under. Defeat the townies in this area, and take the corridor on the right to find the second breaker and restore the power.

Crawl back out, and follow Zoe up the slope to the left to find a big locked gate. Just to the left, there's a small door which leads into an office with the release switch for the gate on the back wall. Back outside, follow Zoe through the gate and around the outside. A townie will appear when you come around to the back of the building to the parking area - beat him up for convenience more than anything else.

Zoe will run to a locked gate on the left, but you should keep moving straight, down to the trainyard. Around the back of one of the carriages there's a signal switch; flip it to turn the junction around. Run over to the other side of the junction to find another switch which puts the carriage back in its original position, opening a different route.

Follow the path to the right, taking out the townies along the way. Up the narrow walkway on your left there's two more dropouts, and at the end of the path there's a switch to open the gate below, where Zoe's still waiting. You can just jump over the fence to get back down to her.

Through the gate take the slope up on the left, and you'll see a large group of townies hanging out by the Chem-O Lot sign. Zoe will keep them busy - you've got to find Omar, Edgar's second-in-command who's got the keys into the chemical plant.

Run past the townies and up the spiral slope on the right, all the way to the top of the storage tower. As you approach the doorway at the top, there's a low gap on the left that leads into an area with some itching powder, stink bombs and a baseball bat, which should prove useful against Omar.

Back at the main corridor, head out to the top of the chemical tower to find Omar and two lackeys. Omar is the guy in the flame shirt holding the baseball bat. Use your spud gun to take him down if you have it; it should only take three or four shots for Omar, and the lackeys will each drop after one. There's also a couple of crates in the area that you can smash for ammo and health.

Pick up the keys Omar dropped and use them to open the door on the roof of the tower to get into the plant. Inside, follow the corridor down and you'll be just in time to see Edgar descend out of view in a lift. You've got to follow him down by climbing along the pipes around the edge of the silo walls. Be very careful not to fall, as you'll need all the health you can manage for the upcoming fight with Edgar.

To get down safely, drop off the right edge of the platform you start on to the level immediately below; from there walk slowly down the tops of the fuel tanks, back towards the camera. Crawl under the low pipes in front of you with R3 button, and go very slowly across the pipe leading to the other side of the silo. Climb down the ladder on this side and walk across another narrow beam to reach the final ladder to the main floor of the tower.

Showdown in the Plant[edit]

  • Rewards: Townie respect +100

Like other boss fights, you get a restart point here if you fail (but no opportunity for save). Unlike the others, this one appears on your Completed Tasks list (at least in the PlayStation 2 version).


As Edgar pulls a pipe off the wall, Jimmy picks a maintenance panel off the ground to use as a makeshift shield. The panel will only survive two or three hits before it's destroyed; if that happens, run up to another one and use Triangle button to pull it off the wall.

Use the spud gun to knock Edgar off his feet, then hit him with firecrackers (or the slingshot if you need to save ammo). Keep your guard up with L1 button as much as possible, and keep a shield as much as possible.

When Edgar's health bar drops into the yellow, he'll run out a side door - follow him down the spiral stairs to the very bottom of the storage tower.

Edgar's got another pipe by the time you make it down, so follow suit and grab your own off the wall using Triangle button. As with the shield, use L1 button to defend, but this time you can attack with the pipe using Square button - hold the button or swing the nunchuk down for a harder swing, which works much better to break Edgar's defence. Every so often the pipes will get caught on each other; tap Triangle button fast enough and you'll push Edgar back, knocking him onto the ground for an easy couple of blows.

With Edgar defeated, Jimmy wants answers. It seems Gary's been peddling his "take over the school" pep talks to the townies as well, so Edgar agrees to team up with Jimmy to get back at the scumbag that's been manipulating them both.

Complete Mayhem[edit]

  • Starts: Zoe's house, Blue Skies Estate, 8am–7pm
  • No clock
  • Requires: completed Busting In / Showdown in the Plant

Bullworth has broken out into a full-scale riot, much to Jimmy's surprise. He's going to take care of the situation, but he'll need backup to bring the school under control again. Unfortunately, Russell's hiding out somewhere, terrified he'll be arrested after his stunt breaking into the Chem-O-Lot plant. The first order of business is to get him back.

Russell is holed up in the Wonder Meats factory, which is in the same lot as the chemical refinery. You've got to go in through the same gate as the Chem-O-Lot plant, but the area's still locked down while the police search for Russell. As soon as you cross the gate it counts as trespassing, so you've got to keep moving once you're across the line.

If the police see you too early, you can run back out the gate and trail them after you. When they give up they will stay outside, which might give you an opportunity to sneak around them to get back in.

To get to the Wonder Meats storage warehouse, take a right at the end of the driveway into Chem-O-Lot, turning back towards the main road. There's an open doorway; through there head over towards the rear left corner. Russell's crouching near a pile of boxes, but he'll get up when he sees Jimmy. You don't have to hang around; just run past Russell if you're being chased, and he'll take care of himself. He runs much faster than you, but do your best to follow him closely out to the road, and from there take a left along the fronts of the buildings.

As you pass one of the warehouses, Russell will pull Jimmy off the road while the cops just run past. From here you'll be automatically taken to the gate at Bullworth Academy's car park, where Jimmy and Russell meet up with Edgar and a couple of other townies who've come to help you clean up the school once and for all. Once Russell opens the gate, Edgar and the townies head off to deal with the students, while Jimmy and Russell go after the clique leaders.

As you pass through the school grounds, most of the regular students will just ignore you unless you actively participate in their fights.

There are four leaders to take down, each of whom is accompanied by two henchmen. For the most part, your best strategy is to go for the leader yourself, and let Russell deal with the backup. He'll take one of them down and be well on his way to defeating the second by the time you take out the leader, when you can help him finish them off. Watch your health around here, and don't hesitate to pick up any soda cans that the enemies drop - or even use a vending machine if there's nothing convenient.

The leaders are located in the following areas:

  • Greasers: Girls' dorm
  • Jocks: Library
  • Preppies: Harrington House
  • Nerds: Gym

With the exception of the preppies, all the fights are very straightforward. What makes Derby a tough opponent is his skill at boxing, which means he's very adept at blocking your punches. If you've got your spud gun handy it's the best option, although your slingshot will also work in a pinch. In order of difficulty from easiest to hardest: Nerds, Greasers, Jocks and Preppies.

With all four leaders defeated, meet Edgar in the main school building. The back doors are locked, so you've got to pass all the way around to the front. Inside, Edgar leaves to calm down the students outside, but as soon as he's left the prefects arrive and confiscate all of Jimmy's weapons. Gary finally makes his appearance, and runs off to the roof of the school, with Jimmy in hot pursuit.

Final Showdown[edit]

  • Reward: Zoe likes you, 100% respect from all factions

The first order of business is to cross the narrow plank in front of you. Be careful of Gary's thrown bricks; if you're knocked off, tap Triangle button to climb back up. When you make it about two thirds of the way across, Gary will hurry up a ladder on the right. As you follow him up, he'll try to dump a wheelbarrow full of bricks on top of you - press either Left lstick or Right lstick to avoid them.

At the top, you'll find another two planks to cross, followed by another ladder with a wheelbarrow full of bricks after that. At the top of that second ladder, double-back across a set of planks and head up the steps.

As you pass under them, one or more of each set of bells will drop on you. The first set, the left-most bell falls; in the second group it's the left-most and middle bell; and in the last set it's the two on the right.

After a brief verbal sparring, Jimmy pushes Gary over the edge onto the scaffolding below, and you're finally in a position to beat up the conniving slimeball.


For the final boss, Gary's a weed. Any combo will do. The best advice to give against Gary is to use your holds. Triangle button will cause Jimmy to grab onto Gary, which then affords the opportunity to land a couple of solid blows as part of the three-hit combo and maybe a headbutt. If you're not keen to get that close, the hobo combos are the best foundation for the fight, as they do more damage than regular attacks.

With a third of his health gone, Gary will pin Jimmy to the barrier - tap Triangle button as fast as you can to break his hold and knock him back, breaking the platform you're standing on and falling to the level below.

There are three platforms on your way down, but the process is the same on all of them - knock Gary's health down and push him back when he pins you. At the end, you'll have defeated Gary and find yourself crashing through the glass roof on the principal's office.

Jimmy frees Dr. Crabblesnitch, who's been tied up by Gary in his office. To show his gratitude for the rescue, the principal re-enrolls Jimmy and Zoe to Bullworth Academy, gives Pete Kowalski the head boy position, fires Mr. Burton and expels Gary. Jimmy's reclaimed his position at the top of the school pecking order, returning harmony to the school (well, more or less). Congratulations on beating Bully!