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After you have completed the mission 'A Little Help' in Chapter 1, you are able to find five more transistors and bring them back to the hobo to learn more fighting combos. When you complete Geography class #4 in Scholarship Edition, you unlock the locations on your map.

When you have got a transistor, go to the 'H' on your map to get new moves from the hobo:

  • 1st transistor unlocks: upper cut
  • 2nd transistor unlocks: leg sweep
  • 3rd transistor unlocks: heavy kick
  • 4th transistor unlocks: 5-hit combo
  • 5th transistor unlocks: round-house kick
  • 6th transistor unlocks: over head punch


Two transistors are available in Chapter 1 as part of missions. Two more can be found once you progress to Chapter 2 (when you get access to Bullworth Town); and the last two aren't accessible until Chapter 3.

Chapter 1:

  • Roof of the Auto Shop (you already did this one in 'A Little Help').
  • In the school basement, in the room with the furnace. If you have already done the mission 'Help Gary', you probably had no choice but to pick this one up when you grabbed the fire extinguisher.

Chapter 2:

  • Lying in the middle of the road on top of the dam.
  • In the alley behind the Mexican restaurant in Bullworth Town, which is directly across the street from the Shiny Bike shop. Enter the alley on the north side of the restaurant.

Chapter 3:

  • In the basement of the Dragon's Wing Comic Book store. (Your save house if you have completed 'Nerd Challenge'.) The "employees only" door is not unlocked until you start Nerd Challenge.
  • In the little alley in New Coventry where you crawl in the window to enter the tenements. Furthest northeast part of the map.

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