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The Carnival, near the beach house in the west end of Old Bullworth Vale, has four games that you can play for varying amounts of money. Winning the games will reward you with prize tickets, which can be exchanged at the Prize Tent for any of a number of prizes ranging from teddy bears to scooters.


Game Cost Goal Prize
High Striker $1 Hit the target as hard as possible to ring the bell 3 tickets for scoring 100, 2 for scoring 80+, 1 for scoring 70+
Dunker $1 Hit the target and drop the carny into the water 3 tickets for successfully dunking the victim
Shooting Gallery $2 Hit as many bottles, bandits and sheriff stars as possible while avoiding the cowgirls ??
Strike Out $2 Hit three catchers in five throws 3 tickets

By passing Photography 5, you will earn double prize tickets from carnival games.


To purchase all prizes, a total of 360 carnival tickets are required (including the Teddy Bear).

Prize Description Cost (Tickets)
Teddy Bear Only available during the Carnival Date mission. Once you pass, it appears as a trophy in Jimmy's dorm room. 10
Clown Shoes Colored clown shoes 40
Clown Wig Bald on top with clown hair on sides. 40
Scooter Replaces any other bike you've bought in your garages. 75
"I'm with Stupid" T-shirt Black T-shirt with "I'm with Stupid" text and arrow pointing to your left side. 20
Big Novelty Watch Big pink watch Jimmy can wear. 10
Beaded Bracelet Bracelet Jimmy can wear on his right wrist. 15
Clown Trousers Colorful clown trousers. 40
Checkered Party Hat Red and white checkered top hat. 20
"Some Incredibly Strange" Hat Colorful hat with glasses attached. 40
Devil Horn Hair Band Hair band with red devil horns. 15
Angel Halo Hair Band Light blonde hair with angel halo attached. 15
Girlie / Car Poster Poster with a girl and car on it. 10
Rock Band Poster Poster with guitar on it. 10