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Bullworth's music classes consist of a simple rhythm game, requiring you to press the LT button and RT button buttons for the Xbox 360, or shake the Remote button and Nunchuk button for the Wii version, when prompted.

This subject is only available in the Scholarship Edition of Bully.


Music 1[edit]

Passing Music 1 unlocks the Music Note t-shirt in Jimmy's wardrobe.

Music 2[edit]

Passing Music 2 unlocks the Band Camp t-shirt in Jimmy's wardrobe.

Music 3[edit]

Passing Music 3 unlocks the Music Note pyjamas in Jimmy's wardrobe.

Music 4[edit]

Passing Music 4 unlocks the Marching Band outfit in Jimmy's wardrobe.

Music 5[edit]

Passing Music 5 unlocks the 80s Rocker outfit in Jimmy's wardrobe.