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The goal of the biology classes is to dissect a creature within the specified time limit. The dissections follow the same pattern each time; pin down a number of points, cut the animal open with the scalpel, the identify and remove various organs. The number and type of organs differs from one class to the next.

This subject is only available in the Scholarship Edition of Bully.


Xbox 360 Wii Action
Neutral lstick Remote button Move cursor
A button A button Select/use tool
RB button N/A Slow cursor


Biology 1[edit]

Dissect the Frog successfully to unlock the Muscle Shirt in Jimmy's wardrobe.

Biology 2[edit]

Dissect the Rat successfully to unlock the Hazmat Headgear in Jimmy's wardrobe.

Biology 3[edit]

Dissect the Perch (fish) successfully to unlock the Bass Hat in Jimmy's wardrobe.

Biology 4[edit]

Dissect the Pigeon to unlock the Alien Outfit in Jimmy's wardrobe.

Biology 5[edit]

Dissect the Pig to unlock the Pig's Head in Jimmy's wardrobe.