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Collecting the 75 Rubber Bands scattered throughout the game world will unlock an additional weapon for Jimmy's inventory: the Rubber Band Ball. When you pass Geography class #2 in Scholarship Edition, you unlock all the locations on your map.

Chapter 1[edit]

From Chapter One and beyond, these rubber bands become available:

  1. In the principal's office, to the right of the save point.
  2. In the Cafeteria, go behind the lunch counter and turn right, go through the doorway, and take an immediate right. The rubber band should be on the floor to the left of the doorway.
  3. As soon as you exit the school, take an immediate left turn. Follow the school's wall, past the smaller door and go all the way to the corner by the fence. The rubber band should be laying there on the grass.
  4. When you pass under the stone archway into the boys dorm's yard, turn right. The rubber band is just around the corner, beside the boys dorm's building.
  5. When you enter the boys dorm, turn left. The rubber band is at the end of the hallway on the floor, beside the couch.
  6. When you pass under the archway into the girls dorm's yard, turn left. The rubber band is just around the corner dorm, and behind the side exit's staircase.
  7. Enter the girl's dorm, turn right. Head up both flights of stairs. Once at the top, follow the banister that leads to the right. The rubber band is sitting on the floor in the corner.
  8. Still on the second floor of the girl's dorm, go down the hallway. The first door to your left is the bathrooms / shower rooms. The rubber band is just inside the shower room, to the left.
  9. Go to the parking lot - It's right beside the Auto Shop. The rubber band should be in the corner, near the red garage door.
  10. In the school bus, at the very back.
  11. Enter the Auto Shop area through the plaza that connects Harington House, the Gym / Football field and the main building area. The first building's garage is open. Go in and look to your right; the elastic is sitting on the work bench on the right wall.
  12. Go back to the plaza with the statue. Jump into the statue's muck-filled circle. The rubber band is hidden in the gunk on the side across from the Harington House.
  13. Go down the stairs that lead to the football field and turn right. Behind the field goal post is a building. To the left of the door is the rubber band.
  14. Just to the right of the gymnasium's door, in the corner and beside the benches.
  15. Enter the gym and go down stairs to where the change rooms are. Enter the girl's change room, and turn left. There are 2 shower stalls. The rubber band is on the floor of the one on the right.
  16. There's a ladder in the corner of the building that houses the schools pool (it's across from the gym). Climb the ladder up to the roof. Once at the top, there's a second ladder (don't climb it, there's only a carton of eggs on that roof). Turn to the left and jump down. Follow the wall in front of you, the rubber band is laying on the ground around the first bend. It's in a clump of grass, so it's a bit hard to see, at first.
  17. To the right of the library - There is an opening in the gate. Jump over it. To the right is another opening. Jump over that. You're now in a thin passage of rocks. The rubber band is in the middle of this path.
  18. Turn around and go over both gates again, then enter the Library. Once inside, head up to the second floor. There are 4 cubicles of books shelves. The rubber band is in the second one.
  19. During the mission Help Gary, follow Gary through the basement of the school. When you get to door obstacle that forces you to crawl under the fence, look to your right after crawling through. On the ground by the shelves, there is an elastic band.
  20. Continuing to follow Gary in Help Gary, before jumping in the circular pit that he stands in, take a left and run around the circle. There is a large archway directly across from the one you used to enter. Go through the archway and follow the path - To the right is an elastic band that is sitting on the floor next to chain link fence.

Chapter 2[edit]

From Chapter Two and beyond, these rubber bands become available:

  1. Go through the school gates and across the road. There is a small, semi-hidden bridge/path in the grassy area on the other side of the road. In the entrance of this path is an elastic band.
  2. In the alleyway between the 'Rocket in My Pocket' shop and the 'Shiny Bikes' shop in Bullworth Town.
  3. On top of the 'Oil Spill' Gas Station in Bullworth Town, near the corner on the roof.
  4. Four buildings to the left of the 'Worn Jn Used Clothing' shop, beside a side on the sidewalk.
  5. Behind the closed Bullworth Theater, there a staircase - Run up it. You will find a plank of wood placed across the gap between the two buildings. Cross it and climb up the ladder on the wall to your left. From here, you're going to have to jump onto the building to your left, where the elastic band is sitting.
  6. In front of the Bullworth Town City Hall, there is a statue. Behind the statue is an elastic band.
  7. Go to the Bullworth Town City Hall. Go up the first set of steps, turn to the left and go up the second set. Across the lawn is an elastic band that is sitting right in front of the broken part of the fence.
  8. Turn around and run across to the set of steps on the right. Go up them and follow the stone path to the backside of the City Hall. There is a ladder - Climb up it and the second one that you can now reach. The elastic band is on that level.
  9. Go to the New Theater in Old Bullworth Vale. Go into the alleyway that is on it's left side - There is an elastic band a little ways in.
  10. Travel to the Bullworth Boxing Club - Go down the right path and turn left. Next to the wall of the building is an elastic band.
  11. Enter the Bullworth Boxing Club and go up the stairs to your left. This is the office of the building, and, next to the long desk and beside the trophy case is an elastic band.
  12. Go to the sandy stretch that's beside the Boxing Club - In the distance between the lamp post and the shore by a gathering of rocks where an elastic band is sitting.
  13. Go to the Aquaberry Fashions store in Old Bullworth Vale. In the little room with the changing stalls in it, the elastic band is in the right corner of the room (as entering).
  14. Next to that is the Shea Lewis Restaurant - It has an area of greenery with a tree in it. Jump up onto it and you should already see the elastic band close to the building.
  15. Travel to the Burgers Fastfood outlet - Go through the Drive Thru as if you were going to order food (totally not just for funzies or anything) and you should see a row of small fences and bushes in the corner of the lot. In the very, very corner is an elastic band tucked away.
  16. Go up the set of stairs between the Scuba Gear place and Shinjo's Restaurant (both just up the small set of stairs beside the tunnel that leads to the Carnival). To your left, there is a small cluster of bushes beside a tall wooden fence and a brick wall - In that cluster of bushes, there should be an elastic band.
  17. Now go up that dirt path that the stairs led to. Not too far along, there is an opening to your left that leads to an observatory plateau with 3 benches (this place is pretty much the Make Out Point of Bullworth). Go straight into the plateau and you should see an elastic band in front of the metal fence and next to the last bench.
  18. Go back onto the path and travel until you reach a small, circular complex out houses. Go to the large house on your immediate right that has the large archway/tunnel as a garage. Run through it and you'll see a ramp, the elastic band right in front of it.
  19. Get out of that complex and go to your left until you reach the house 26 (it'll say it on the brick wall in front of the building, you DON'T need to count the houses). There's a broken part of the fence on the brick wall, so climb over that and you'll find yourself in a rectangle of short, wooden fence. This place is kind of like a Saw Trap, in sense that it's just so stupidly complex for someone's yard - But, if you crouch and go through the small square in the fence (or jump over the shorter part of the fence...) and run to the top left corner of the yard, there's another square of fence. Jump over and into it and you'll see an evergreen tree in the corner: The elastic band is under it's bottom branches.
  20. Run across to the house adjacent (AKA Tad's house) and take a left. There's a set of steps that lead you to a small yard with a gazebo in it - on the floor of the gazebo is an elastic.
  21. Get out of there and keep going down the road in the same direction you were before. To you right right, really not so far from the house you were just at, there's a small basketball courtyard. Enter it and just go straight - The elastic band is in the top left corner.
  22. Go back to the road yet again and continue in the same direction you were going before. Keep going until you reach the Happy Endings Retirement Home (it's a massive lot, you can't miss it - besides the fact that it has the name on a plaque in front of the building). Enter through one of the openings and find the pond with a small, wooden bridge across it. Under the bridge is the elastic band on this plot.
  23. Get back on the same road and circle around the massive plot until you reach the Old Bullworth Vale Gardens. Follow the left path - On the gazebo, there is another elastic band.
  24. Keep going along that left path until you're going up a hill with many Porta-Potty stalls and a ramp at the top. Beside the ramp is the next elastic band.
  25. Look at your map - There's a thick dirt path in the upper right corner of the road that goes around the Happy Ending Retirement Home. Follow that dirt path until you reach the elementary. The second gate is the only way in (it's bent so you can squeeze through). Take a right at the obelisk-esque structure in the stone circle, and look for the broken part in the wall. Jump over it and take a right until you reach a stone path which you will follow. Turn the corner and you'll see the elastic band in front of the windows of the church.
  26. Get back on the dirt path and continue the direction you were heading until you've cross over the Bullworth Dam and reached a paved road, where you will take a right and continue onwards. Stop at house 11 (the first house to your left - it's green) and run onto the lawn. Between it and the house beside it, there is an elastic band sitting on the grass between a small tree.
  27. Go back to Old Bullworth Vale and get to the dock. Run to the very end, the part with the benches on it, and find the elastic band that is in the top right corner.
  28. Jump into the water. Take the right side and swim until you reach a small shore that's just beside the school. There's an elastic band, there.
  29. Swim past the sunken ship until you reach a couple of rocks that are jutting out of the water with some planks stretched between the gaps (again, looks like something straight out of Saw...). Run up the sloped rock and cross all the planks. When you reach the end, there will be a small ledge that you have to jump up, and there will be an elastic band waiting.
  30. Jump back in the water and keep you balls to the walls (keep to the left cliff face of rocks...)until you see a circular stone archway in the water. Swim through, onto the shore and into the caves. At the end of the tunnel is a log that you need to get across to reach the elastic band.
  31. Go to the Carnival, head to the far back near the go kart races and go into the freak tent. Inside in front of the tattoo man is the rubber band.

Chapter 3[edit]

From Chapter Three and beyond, these rubber bands become available:

  1. Go to the 'Dragon's Wing Comic Store' in Bullworth Town and complete the Nerd Challenge. Go to the room that houses your bed and look to your right; on the floor by the bookshelf is an elastic band.
  2. Locate the Yum-Yum Market in New Coventry - The elastic is right in front of the store.
  3. There's an alleyway that's to the right of that Yum-Yum Market (to the right if you're exiting it, to the left if you're facing it). Find the alleyway and enter it - Just around the bend, you'll find the elastic band.
  4. Find the Medical Center Emergency in New Coventry - Across the street is a building with a Magic 8 Ball sign called Blue Balls Pool (it will end up being another save/hang location for you if it isn't already). In the parking lot to the right (while facing the building) there's an elastic band.
  5. Look at your map. In New Coventry in the upper right corner, there's a 'B' shaped complex of houses. Go to that complex and to the very top middle of it. You should see construction signs on orange wooden barricades, it's very hard to miss (you will later have to come here for the mission The Tenements). Go through the gap in the barricades (which are totally effective) and you'll see the elastic band in the corner of the alleyway.
  6. Find the large dirt path on the left middle side of the 'B' complex and run along it until you reach an open clearing with some trees. In the middle of the trees and close to the fence is an elastic band.
  7. If you haven't unlocked it already, the blocked off area in this chapter is called 'Blue Skies'. Go to the entrance of it. Looking at your map, there's a split path to take - A left side and a right side. Take the right side and look for a bunch of large construction storage bins (AKA the damn big metal rectangles) that are stacked upon each other and creates a sort of small courtyard. Enter it and you'll see right away the rubber band under an unattached trailer.
  8. Go to the school's parking lot, and head down the long driveway with the large gates. If you're out of this driveway, look to your left. If you're heading into this driveway, look to your right. There is a section of the fence that is open. Go through it, and follow the path until you reach a boarded up tunnel (not the first one - you'll know this as you can't break it). Break the boards and you'll see train tracks. Just run along them until you reach the middle of the tunnel (it's short), where you will see a rubber band sitting in a pool of light.
  9. Keep going down the path you were just following before the boarded up tunnel. You will soon be wedged between rock walls. Go to the very left of the screen before going any further on the path. There will be a smaller, unused path that leads to a tree that has fallen over and is being used as a bridge. An elastic band will be sitting in the middle of the tree-bridge.

Chapter 4[edit]

From Chapter Four and beyond, these rubber bands become available:

  1. In The Stronghold Assault mission, you will beat up Fatty to find out where Earnest is, and then you will beat up Thad to get a door code. The door you unlock will lead you through a back pathway to the observatory. Along this path,after jumping over a small barricade, you will be in a more open area. Not far from the barricade (practically dead-ahead) is an elastic band.
  2. In that same mission and in that same pathway, if you keep running you'll emerge onto a dirt path. To your nearly-immediate left is a boarded up tunnel. The elastic band lies right in front of it.
  3. Head to the asylum where you break Mr Galloway out. In the front by the gate is the rubber band.

Chapter 5[edit]

From Chapter Five and beyond, these rubber bands become available:

  1. In Blue Skies follow the railway track right to the end and you will find a rubber band.
  2. In Blue Skies, behind some chain-link fence between Zoe's house and the warehouse.
  3. On the half-sunken boat off the docks.
  4. On the small beach to the west of the school, accessible from the track round the outside of the south and west of the school.
  5. On the very southernmost part of the western water body, accessible from the smaller beach on the large island.
  6. On a small island accessible over a tree-trunk, from the tiny beach just east of the Carnival.
  7. On the west side of the front of the town hall.
  8. On the roof of Happy Diner.

Chapter 6[edit]

No new elastic bands available.

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