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There is a variety of armor found throughout the castle, all of which boosts defense and some of which affects other stats — and not always positively. Be careful not to lose all of your strength or intelligence when raising your defense. Unlike most games, armor cannot be bought or found in treasure chests — it can only be found by defeating enemies.

As soon as you start a new game, fight Bats and Skeletons until you have the Leather Armor and two Wrist Bands .


Armor that is worn over the body. Robes generally raise intelligence over defense, while armor and mail raises defense without boosting intelligence. Only one piece can be equipped at a time so you have to choose what works best for you. Be sure to only choose a robe over armor if it will have an effect on your MP recovery rate. If you have an intelligence score of 730 and equip the Night Suit, you won't recovery MP any faster, so you're better off with strong armor. Early on you may want robes, and then switch to armor once your intelligence is high enough that you don't lose MP while your DSS combination of choice is active. When you are fighting Lilith and Dracula you'll want a strong robe, such as the Sage Robe . You'll want to use a lot of summons and those two enemies deal so much damage that a boost in defense won't make a difference.

Name Strength Defense Intelligence Luck Dropped by
Bronze Armor N/A +050 N/A N/A Flame Armor, Skeleton Knight*, Skeleton Soldier*
Chain Mail N/A +100 N/A N/A Fishhead, Flame Demon*, Forest Armor, Lizardman
Cotton Clothes N/A +020 N/A N/A Coffin, Fleaman, Hopper, Mudman, Mummy, Skeleton Athlete, Zombie
Cotton Robe N/A +025 +100 N/A Fox Archer, Skeleton Spear*, Were-bear
Dark Armor -010 +550 -010 -010 Lilim*
Diamond Armor N/A +210 N/A N/A Ice Demon*
Gold Armor N/A +080 N/A N/A Earth Armor*, Thunder Armor, Were-jaguar
Leather Armor N/A +030 N/A N/A Axe Armor, Brain Float, Electric Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Spear
Magic Robe N/A +200 +300 N/A Alraune, Witch*
Mirror Armor N/A +300 N/A N/A Devil*
Needle Armor +010 +400 N/A N/A Nightmare*
Night Suit +020 +060 +010 N/A Golem, Hyena*, Killer Bee*
Ninja Garb +030 +080 N/A N/A Franken, Were-jaguar*
Platinum Armor N/A +150 N/A N/A Dark Armor, Dullahan, Holy Armor*
Prison Garb +005 +020 N/A N/A Clinking Man, Evil Hand, Gargoyle, Ghoul, Zombie Thief
Rainbow Robe N/A +140 +250 +015 Forest Armor*, Ice Demon, Poison Armor*
Sage Robe N/A +250 +500 N/A Lilith*
Shinning Armor +010 +500 +010 +010 None
Silk Robe N/A +040 +140 N/A Fox Archer*, Wight
Soldier Fatigues +050 +120 N/A +010 Catoblepas*, Franken*
Steel Armor N/A +120 N/A N/A Evil Pillar, Golem*, Ice Armor, Thunder Armor*
Stylish Suit +010 +040 N/A N/A Harpy, Heat Shade, Skeleton Boomerang*
  • Asterisks (*) denote rare drops.

The Shinning Armor (which should be called the "Shining Armor", but was mistranslated) is found at the end of the Battle Arena and is the only equipment not dropped by an enemy.


Amulets and gauntlets worn on the arm. While many raise defense, the main purpose of arm equipment is to raise your other stats. Luck boosting equipment is highly useful when going after items, equipment, and Cards, however they should be exchanged for something else when you have what you need.


  • The Bear Ring turns you into a bear instead of a skeleton when using the Pluto/Black Dog DSS combination.
  • You must have two Double Grips equipped at once to get the stat boosts.
  • Star Bracelets boost stats depending upon which arm they are worn — on the right they boost strength and intelligence, while on the left they boost defense and luck.
  • The Toy Ring is just that — a toy. It does nothing.
Name Strength Defense Intelligence Luck Dropped by
Arm Guard N/A +010 N/A N/A Beast Demon, Bloody Sword, Fleaman*
Bear Ring -100 -100 -100 -100 Skeleton Medalist*
Cursed Ring +030 +030 N/A -100 Arch Demon, Beast Demon*, Poltergeist
Defense Armband -025 +100 -025 -025 Were-horse*
Double Grips +075 +075 +075 +075 Dark Armor*
Gambler Armband -025 -025 -025 +100 Mimic Candle*
Gauntlet +015 N/A N/A N/A Earth Armor, Hopper*, Merman, Were-wolf
Hard Ring -010 +050 N/A -010 Death Mantis, Medusa Head*, Stone Armor
Intelligence Ring -010 N/A +050 -010 Evil Hand*, Succubus
Luck Ring N/A -010 -010 +050 Zombie Thief*
Magic Gauntlet N/A N/A +010 N/A Earth Demon, Frozen Shade, Poison Worm*, Thunder Demon
Miracle Armband N/A N/A N/A +010 Clinking Man*, Frozen Shade*, Skeleton Boomerang
Sage Armband -025 -025 +100 -025 Wind Demon*
L Star Bracelet N/A +025 N/A +025 Frozen Shade*, Harpy*
R Star Bracelet +025 N/A +025 N/A Frozen Shade*, Harpy*
Strength Armband +100 -025 -025 -025 Demon Lord*
Strength Ring +050 -010 -010 N/A Grizzly, Were-bear*
Toy Ring N/A N/A N/A N/A Evil Pillar*, Skeleton Medalist
Wrist Band +005 N/A N/A N/A Bat, Devil Tower, Ectoplasm, Gremlin, Medusa Head, Spirit, Were-panther, Will O'Wisp
  • Asterisks (*) denote rare drops.