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Nathan Graves[edit]

Nathan was apprenticed to his parents' friend and fellow Vampire Hunter, Morris Baldwin, after his parents died while fighting Dracula the last time he returned. Even though Hugh consistently outperformed Nathan, Morris eventually decided that Nathan would inherit the Hunter's Whip, a Baldwin family heirloom. Nathan is very goal focused, as his only concern throughout the game is finding Morris. He doesn't react to taunts or insults; simply ignoring Hugh's attacks and Dracula's threats and boasts.

Hugh Baldwin[edit]

Morris Baldwin's son and other apprentice, Hugh is the opposite of Nathan in many ways. He is much more emotional, headstrong, and seeks personal glory. This dark streak led to a rivalry and would be the reason that Morris gave the Hunter's Whip to Nathan. Inside the castle, Dracula and Camilla were able to use this to manipulate Hugh and slowly turn him against Nathan — first just causing animosity and eventually getting Hugh to attack Nathan. Nathan helps him recover in time for Hugh to help Morris escape while Nathan fought Dracula. After Dracula is defeated Hugh accepts his flaws and begins working to overcome them in order to become a worthy Vampire Hunter.

Morris Baldwin[edit]

Father of Hugh and experienced Vampire Killer, Morris sealed Dracula away ten years before the events of CotM. When Camilla resurrected Dracula, he lead the assault on the castle, but was quickly captured. Rather than kill him immediately, Dracula decided to use him in a ritual that would restore the Count's powers, in part as payback for the events of 10 years ago.


For strategies on beating these characters, see the bosses page.


One of Count Dracula's minions, she is currently leading the cult that it attempting to resurrect Dracula in order to spread evil throughout the world. As she tells Nathan before her defeat, "Don't you think this world is already hell? People have become dirty creatures, who yearn for enemies and revel in chaos and power. We want to change your world into something more appropriate…. There's no great difference between your world and ours." After resurrecting Dracula, she begins to manipulate Hugh's mind, making him even more jealous and paranoid of Nathan than usual. She eventually degrades his mind so much that he considers Nathan to be a mortal enemy. It is not clear if she manipulated Hugh specifically to interfere with Nathan, in order to create a new servant for Dracula, or simply for her own amusement.

Camilla has been a faithful servant of Dracula for a long time, fighting against Simon Belmont in 1698, and against Richter Belmont in 1792. As before, she maintains a human appearance normally, but transforms into a demon riding a skull when fighting.

While there was a Camilla in ancient Roman mythology, the Camilla of Castlevania is based on a vampiress from a novel by Frances Burney.

Count Dracula[edit]

Former knight named Mathias Cronqvist, who became Dracula in 1094 after finding an mystical stone that turned him into a vampire. Originally highly religious, he blamed God for the death of his wife and turned evil, betraying his friend for a chance to become immortal and all-powerful. He was defeated in 1094 by Leon Belmont, the first Vampire Killer. As he possessed the stone when defeated, it created a cycle where he would resurrect every hundred years. Since then, the Belmont clan and others have fought him back every time he has risen.

Defeated 10 years ago by the Graves and Morris family, it is not yet time for his return. However, his servant, Camilla, has found a way to revive him early. Alive, but still weak, Dracula now prepares to sacrifice Morris under a full moon to restore his powers. He does not appear during the game except in the very beginning and very end.

Even defeat is not a major concern for Dracula, as he is destined to rise again. After Nathan defeats him, Dracula merely says "It is a wasted effort. I will never be truly gone. So long as there is darkness and desire in the soul of a man, I will continue to be revived." Nathan knows this is true, but replies "And we will be there to stop you. You can count on that."

Minor antagonists[edit]


A dark wizard that Nathan encounters in the Audience Room, the Necromancer is both surprised and impressed that Nathan survived the fall from the castle into the Catacomb. Before fighting – and being defeated by – Nathan, the Necromancer tells him about the ritual that Dracula is planning on performing that will restore him to full power.

Necromancers are a type of wizard that attempt to summon and communicate with the dead.


Dracula's ally and only friend, Death has been faithful to Dracula since the beginning. He is one of the most powerful creatures in the world of Castlevania, often second only to Dracula (and sometimes surpassing). He has almost always fought along side the Count against the Belmonts and other Vampire Hunters. It is unclear if his loyalty is willingly given or obligatory as Dracula holds the Crimson Stone.

In the events of CotM, Death plays a minor role, guarding an artifact needed to purify the waters of the Underground Waterway.