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For protective gear, see the equipment page and for DSS cards, see the cards page.

Potions & Meats[edit]

These items restore a certain number of hit points when used. Basic potions restore very little, even in the beginning of the game, so try and keep at least five on you at all time and save them for boss fights or emergencies. Later in the game, Fox Hunters and Imps are easy to find, so keep fighting them until you get a decent supply of meat.

Item HP Restored Common Rare
Castlevania CotM item-potion.gif Potion 20 Abiondarg, Demon Lord, Flame Demon, Fox Hunter, Hyena, Myconid, Wind Armor Devil Tower, Skeleton, Skeleton Bomber, Zombie
Castlevania CotM item-meat.gif Meat 50 Hipogriff, Were-horse Fox Hunter, Gorgon, Merman, Were-wolf
Castlevania CotM item-spicy meat.gif Spicy Meat 100 Abiondarg, Grizzly, Imp, Minotaur
Castlevania CotM item-potion hi.gif Potion Hi 250 Devil, Devil Armor, White Armor Legion, Wind Armor
Castlevania CotM item-potion ex.gif Potion Ex 100% Alraune

Mind Restores[edit]

These work just like potions, except they restore a percentage of your MP. They are generally much harder to find than potions and meat, so use them sparingly. You may be better off standing around an empty room for a few minutes until your MP restores itself than using up an item. Brain Floats are fairly common early in the game and reappear as soon as you leave the screen (not necessarily the room), so keep killing them until you have a couple of Mind Restores. After beating Camilla, there is an easy spot for hunting Wind Demons for Mind Hi pots.

Item MP Restored Common Rare
Castlevania CotM item-mind restore.gif Mind Restore 30% Nightmare, Specter, Witch Brain Float, Ectoplasm, Gremlin, Mudman, Spirit, Will O'Wisp
Castlevania CotM item-mind hi.gif Mind Hi 50% Lilim, Wind Demon Marionette, Myconid, Poltergeist, Siren, Specter, Wight
Castlevania CotM item-mind ex.gif Mind Ex 100% Lilith Fishhead


While the hearts that you find in candles (small and large) have to be used instantly, there are heart items that can be stockpiled and used at a later point. Unfortunately, they are much rarer than potions or even mind restores. Save them for use during boss fights instead of just to save time by not running around smashing candles.

Note that the Venus/Manticore combo doubles the number of hearts gained only when picking up small and large hearts — not when using one of the items.

Monsters that have a card in the drop list will drop large hearts instead after you acquire the card (or if you are in fighter mode).

Item Hearts Restored Common Rare
Castlevania CotM item-small heart.gif Small 1 Candles
Castlevania CotM item-large heart.gif Large 5 Candles, enemies with card drops
Castlevania CotM item-heart.gif Heart 10 Bone Tower, Gorgon, Man Eater, Mimic Candle, Spearfish Bat, Bone Head, Coffin, Mummy
Castlevania CotM item-heart hi.gif Heart Hi 25 Arachne, Catoblepas, Dryad Bone Tower, Gargoyle, Ghoul
Castlevania CotM item-heart ex.gif Heart Ex 50 Fallen Angel, Scary Candle Flame Armor, Hipogriff, King Moth, Spearfish
Castlevania CotM item-heart mega.gif Heart Mega 100 Trick Candle Arachne, Dryad

Status Restorers[edit]

Status effects all wear off on their own, however you can suffer a lot of damage from the effects and enemies in the mean time. These items restore you instantly, though they do not restore HP that was already lost. If you don't mind cheating a little bit, there is an exploitable glitch that can cure poison without using an item.

Item Aliment Common
Castlevania CotM item-antidote.gif Antidote Poison Killer Bee, King Moth, Poison Armor, Poison Worm, Slime, Poison Worm
Castlevania CotM item-cure curse.gif Cure Curse Curse Legion, Marionette


These are hidden items that permanently increase the maximum amount of HP, MP, or Heart that you have. They are used instantly by touching them. HP Pluses and MP Pluses will also fully restore your HP or MP upon contact, though a Heart Plus will not recover missing hearts.

By collecting all of these items you gain an additional 430HP, 360MP, and 216 Hearts. Depending on what mode you're playing through and what level you end the game at, power-ups can account for one third to one half of your total stats.

Item Gain Total
Castlevania CotM item-hp plus.gif HP Plus 10HP 43
Castlevania CotM item-mp plus.gif MP Plus 10MP 36
Castlevania CotM item-heart plus.gif Heart Plus 6 Hearts 36


Relics are usually found by defeating area bosses and generally give you new abilities and serve to grant access to the next area of the castle. Usually, once you get a new relic you can pick up power-ups in previous areas that were originally inaccessible. All of the relics are required, except for the Cleansing Castlevania CotM item-cleansing.gif and Heavy Ring Castlevania CotM item-heavy ring.gif.

Relics are listed in the order that you receive them. Defeating Adramelech does not earn you a relic, but opens the Underground Galley and Underground Waterway.

Relic Effect Usage Received from Accesses
Castlevania CotM item-dash boots.gif Dash Boots Run faster. Double tap the left/right button and hold to start running. Catacomb
Castlevania CotM item-double.gif Double Double Jump. Press the jump button while in midair to jump again. You can also double jump once when using the Roc Wing or Kick Boots. Cerberus Audience Room
Castlevania CotM item-tackle.gif Tackle Smash stone blocks. Press the Special Move button while moving. Can be used to damage enemies as well. Necromancer Machine Tower
Castlevania CotM item-kick boots.gif Kick Boots Jump off a wall. Can be used repeatedly to climb narrow vertical passages. Push against the wall and press the Special Move button while airborne to jump off the side of the wall. Iron Golem Chapel Tower
Castlevania CotM item-heavy ring.gif Heavy Ring Pushes wooden crates. Just walk against the crate to move it. Twin Dragon Zombies (Underground Galley) Underground Warehouse
Castlevania CotM item-cleansing.gif Cleansing Cleans the poisoned water in the Underground Waterway so you don't take damage while underwater. To use it simply stand in the red water. Death Underground Waterway
Castlevania CotM item-roc wing.gif Roc Wing Jump extremely high (over one screen height). Hold up while pressing the Special Move button. Can be used repeatedly to gain infinite height (until you hit a ceiling anyway). Cannot be used to damage enemies. Camilla Observation Tower, Battle Arena
Castlevania CotM item-last key.gif Last Key Opens the door to Dracula's area. Used automatically at the locked door. Hugh Ceremonial Room