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Bodywear is equipment that alters the damage your character receives. There are many kinds of bodywear:


Helps you blend in with your surroundings. Camouflage bodywear available to everyone includes:

  • Default Camo: The standard issue camo, doesn't excel in any particular stage.
  • Arctic Camo: This allows you to blend into maps such as Snow Valley. It is used by many soldiers.
  • Urban Camo: This allows you to blend into maps such as Power Surge. Urban Camo is popular amongst higher ranked players as an intimidation factor.
  • Desert Camo: This allows you to blend into maps like Sand Hog, Pump Jack and other sandy maps. It is a good purchase for all.
  • Woodland Camo: Woodland Camo lets you blend into maps such as Brushwood and Rattle Snake. It is very effective in Rattle snake and could stop you from dying too much.


Relatively raises your speed or armor. Vests are items that can provide you with armor or get a higher speed.

  • Heavy Vest : The heavy vest provides you with protection from your enemies. It gives you 10% or 20% extra armor.
  • Light Vest: The Light Vest provides with -10% armor but +10% speed.
  • Balanced Vest: The Balanced Vest offers 10% armor but at the cost of -8% speed, although when wearing the Balanced Vest with the Military Bandana, you can reduce the speed deduction to -3% so you can move almost at the same pace with 10% armor.

Head and face equipment[edit]

Lowers the risk of headshots, and gives defense against fire and gas, etc. You can get many head gear and face gear. You can get sunglasses just for style or goggles that allow you to see through smoke and gases.

There are many helmets that are available. These can give you the ability to use an in-built headset. They also provide you protection from headshots. Helmets can be very handy when rushing and you don't want to die straight away.