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Map Size: Large

Large town with enterable houses and roofs. There is also a Tower in this map.

  • Pros: Lots of surface area to cover, especially roofs. Good for Spy Hunt.
  • Cons: LOTS of camping areas, sprayers heaven. Tower is a very obvious place to snipe, although not so good if there's someone with a rocket launcher (super spy or LAW).


There are many problems with the stairs in this level. The stairs leading out of team Bravo's base and the boxes to the roof near the base are notorious for randomly killing players using them. You will die every now and then when on them and it will show up as a suicide. The stairs in the middle of the level leading up to the flat area near the tower have also been know to kill players. Alpha base's staircase leading out is much safer with the incredibly rare death walking up on them but may hurt you if you walk down them. The early February patch seems to have helped but not eliminated these glitches but it is still advisible to use other means to get up to the main level. There is also a glitch where if you jump from the roof to the ground, but land near a wall, there is no way to escape.