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Death Room is the smallest map in the game. It comprises of two square rooms and a upper walkway. Still, this map is home to some of the best action in the game. There is a high number of both kills and deaths largely due to the teams being separated by two automatic doors. One of the best weapons to use here is the shotgun. Due to the small size, range will likely not be an issue; so if you own one equip it. A sniper rifle can be used to camp outside your spawn to wait for the doors to open. Always be careful because a dead soldier will always know how it dies. They are poor choices if you get too close to your enemies. You will either get very few kills or get shot for camping.

This is also a good map for melee matches. In the walkway you can throw grenades at your enemy through the grates and they can shoot at you through the grates. There are not too many glitches yet.

This map can be the ultimate camping map. If you are at top hallway on top of their stairs, you can get a few sniper rifles and assault rifles, and no one can get past, and you will rack up kills real fast. A teammate to guard your behind is highly recommended, as you can get flanked very easily from the back when camping.

It is recommended that you carry two or more Grenades. This can be accomplished by buying a backpack with two or more slots, buying the Frag pack, or sacrificing your secondary for the extra frag(s). The last option is not recommended unless you have a MG (even better with an Extension Clip V2). It is also not recommended that you camp – if anything, keep rushing and throwing grenades at your enemies. The best approach is to equip yourself well with grenades and weapons of high fire rates. Recoil for guns is not a great issue in this map if you play on the upper level and keep within a close range to the enemy. Spraying is another very useful method of approaching this map, and since this is a very small map it will be very effective if used appropriately. Spraying allows the player to have a rapid firerate and only worry about the aiming.

Another very useful hint is to check the corners in the map. Once you run up the stairs from your base to approach the upper level, there is a small space to the side where a person can hide. A player that doesnt realise will be holding their main primary, which will stick out and be easily seen. In this case you can deal with them easily. A more subtle player will however hold a knife and hide in such a way as not to be detected. It can be crucial to check that space since 120% damage is dealt when hit in the back, and the last thing you want to do is get caught off-guard by a two pronged attack from the front and the back.

Also, the metallic stairs are useful in this map. Staying on these stairs will prevent many of the grenades from dealing damage, but carefully aimed grenades will still find their way to you (so it is best to be wary). Scoping for long durations in this game is not advised, since you will not be able to detect a grenade due to the lower field of vision.

The metallic stairs on the top level are also a place for campers, so it is important to check the space in front of the flight of the stairs where a person would not be visible from the other side of the map.

Another factor to watch out for is to limit your time in the space between the two camps on the metal stairs since bullets that are shot up from the grates underneath can easily reach you. Rushing is the main tactic that has been successfully adopted by many on this map, but takes a good deal of skill.

Throwing grenades up the grates is another way to approach when the top is too strongly held by the opposition. A note of caution for this, however, is that the grenade does not go through the grates 100% of the time and can fall back when it does, so nading yourself is a possibility.

The suitable weapons for this map would be weapons like the ak-47, m60, as some prefer. These two weapons both have a great deal of damage and reasonable fire rates. Combinations that are also suitable are weapons such as famas, and minimi, or ACR and spas-12 shotgun, aug-a1 and m590 millitary shotgun and so on. Advice for you, beginners or people who just want to get better at this map would be never camp, rush, throw a LOT of grenades, check corners of each direction and whenever possible, rush to your enemy base and take them out of there.

Overall, its important to be on the move and not restrict to camping. Thats the best approach to Death Room.