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Control Action
W S Forward/back
A D Strafe left/right
Space Jump
Shift Sprint
Ctrl Crouch
C Walk
Control Action
PC Mouse.png Aim
PC Mouse Left Click.png Fire
PC Mouse Right Click.png Use sights/scope (if available)
E Pick up weapons, open doors, etc.
R Reload
F Change firing mode (if available)
1 Equip Primary Weapon
2 Equip Secondary Weapon
3 Equip Melee Weapon
4 Equip Support Equipment
6 Equip Mission Equipment (if available)
V Radio Message: Reply
B Radio Message: Situation
N Radio Message: Request
Control Action
Tab View scoreboard
M Map
Enter Open chat box/send message
F2 Chat to all
F3 Chat to team
F4 Chat to clan
F5 Kick player / Vote yes on kick
F6 Vote no on kick
[ Decrease mouse sensitivity
] Increase mouse sensitivity