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Tips from a Pro, I have cleared this map 112 times, probably 20 times on extreme.

  • Bring a Machine gun and an Assaut rifle.
  • Sniper rifles SMGs and shotguns are not best for this game mode. (I will probably be trolled for saying this)
  • keep an eye on your minimap.
  • Chaos is inevitble, learn to survive in both chaotic and organized situations.
  • pick a door or window and stick to it.
  • 2 people per door is best. there are 3 doors. It may help to have 3 people at the broken wall.
  • kill Zeds that are inside first. even if they came in through another door.
  • if you are getting pushed back try to back up closer to your team, don't back up into thier line of fire.
  • There is a point when everyone should flee the cabin, it is best if everyone leaves at the same time and fights back to back.
  • if you're low on GP use your m16 and a 1-day Minimi Machine gun. start each round with your machinegun until you are out of ammo, then switch to your assault rifle. White ammo boxes are common so you will almost never run out of ammo for your Assaut Rifle. This gives you time to look for a Red Ammo box.