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In Combat Arms, you can create or join clans. A clan is a group of players organized under a clan name, which gives the members of the clan specific advantages. Information about clans can be accessed by clicking the Clan tab in the lobby or game room. You can join a clan once you reach the Recruit rank, or create your own clan when you reach the rank of Staff Sergeant 1.

Clan Basics[edit]

To join a clan, go to the Clan window and open up the list of clans, and find one that you would like to join. You can also search for a clan that you know the name of. Then you need to write a short application and submit it. Once the application is read and approved, then you will be in the clan.

To create a clan, simply click "Create Clan" and choose a name for your clan. Other people will then be able to send applications to and join your clan.

Clan Hierarchy[edit]

All people in a clan are broken down into three classes.

  • Leader: The clan leader is the player who created the clan. The leader has complete and ultimate power to approve applications, expel admins and members, change the clan notice, and appoint Admins. The leader of the clan can never change.
  • Admin: Clan admins are players that the clan leader has appointed to special privileges. Clan admins can approve applications, expel members, and change the clan notice.
  • Member: Clan members have no special privileges.

Clan Wars[edit]

A clan war is a Combat Arms match between two clans. Clan wars can only be played in the designated "Clan" servers, and the rules are much more stringent than for a regular game. Anyone can create a clan war game room, but once a person from another clan enters the room, only people from either of those two clans may enter the room.

Because clan wars must be team based, the only available game modes are Elimination, Capture the Flag, and Search & Destroy. The following rules always apply to all clan wars:

  • Any map can be selected
  • The goal for Elimination is to make 100 kills
  • The goal for Capture the Flag is to score 6 flag captures
  • The goal for Search & Destroy is to have more wins after a total of 6 rounds
  • Arms settings can be changed like a normal game (no extra options) and 2 changes when using super-elite
  • Join Mid-Combat is off, Friendly Fire is on, Kill Cam is off or on
  • The game cannot be started until both clans have the same number of players, with a minimum of four on each
  • The two clans switch bases when half of the goal is met (50 kills, 3 flags, or 3 points)

Each half of the match is preceded by a "Practice Round", which lasts 20 seconds. Any kills, deaths, or points scored during the practice round are not counted.

Playing clan wars awards approximately 50% more EXP and GP than do regular games.

Clan Rank[edit]

Rank Name Max members
1 Squad 20
2 Platoon 30
3 Company 50
4 Battalion 70
5 Regiment 90
6 Division 120

Playing clan wars also awards "Clan EXP", which is accumulated for the clan to rank up. The higher the rank of a clan, the more members it can have and the more clan exclusive gear is unlocked for its members to purchase. The gear varies in duration, but none are permanent.