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Hallow Ravine is one of my favorite maps because of many reasons. -Camping There are many campsites in this map, some were meant to be camped, others are makeshift. The most used campsite of all time in this map is a series of raised portholes that are connected to the second tier of the map through raised tunnels. For our purposes we will call this point Overwatch. Overwatch is a great place for sniping and chucking grenades, but always watch your back. Within a minute in Overwatch an enemy will most likely have killed you or tried to by sneaking in with a knife. There is also a series of raised platforms with chainlink fences surrounding them. These are ok campsites, they are just unprotected because there is nothing to hide behind. In your explorations of the Hallow Ravine tunnels, you will come across a raised circular stone. This is a good campsite but watch your back, it isn't protected on all sides. In this map almost anywhere is an ok hideout on account of the dense fog. -Suitable gear You should have either urban or arctic camo, the map is gray wand white. I prefer a heavy vest for all my operations, but any vest would do. Speed won't be much of a problem since the fog will hide you, so I tend to favor the health based vests. Sniper weapons, shotguns, and SMGs are the most useful weapons in this map. -Attacking It is best to stay with the main group of your team, since the enemy will have snipers camping to take out any stragglers. It is also a good idea to use guerilla tatics, which means coming outta nowhere from the fog and taking your enemy by surprise and then melting into the fog to find another place to resurface. You have to time it exactly right so they have no time to adapt. It is best to kill campers with a knife to not waste ammo and if they move when you shoot them, they'll see your bullets, turn, and snipe you at point blank range. Doesn't bode well if your soldier wants to stay alive. -Defending If you want to defend yourself, the best defensive place is your spawn. I don't have much info on the subject because my tactics are sprinting through the fog with either a primed grenade or a UMP. -Attending and Defacking If you want to keep your health while attacking, the onyly way is to chip away at their health and pick them off. Stick to the walls, there are little nooks you can hide in when you need to reload and recharge your stamina. Bounce between the walls to stay as a moving target.